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Woking Weirdboys 40K Team Tournament - Day Two

Woking Weirdboys 40K Team Tournament - Day Two

Day two of the team tournament, and thanks to Callum (our Captain) and David P. we had a plan for choosing our match-ups. Wow, we were in danger of taking this seriously! Despite this, I decided to not to get too involved in deciding who should do well against whom - my tactical and strategic know how is not really up to such close scrutiny. However, at least I remembered to put my army in my car before leaving my flat. Something that one of our team had failed to do on day one. I will not name names, but from now on, this will be known as the 'Boyd Test'.

Above: The Tolworth Team One Think Tank. Callum, James and Dave plan our next steps in game four. Their decision, three teas and one coffee, no sugar.

Game Four: Crusade with five objectives, Dawn of War deployment
Opponent - David - Woking Team 2 - Sisters of Battle with lots of scoring Rhinos.
I recognised David as we had played before at a Tolworth tourney. He brought his Sisters then to, and I know for sure that I have never despatched Saint Celestine before in a 40K game. The question was, could my Knight be destructive enough to reduce the number of his scoring units so that by the end of the game I could score more objectives.

So far in these battle reports I have not mentioned my level two Librarian on a bike. During the weekend I had yet to decide which was the better option for his psychic powers. Divination seemed to have more to offer, but in game 4 I went for telepathy in the hope of getting Invisability, the Holy Grail of powers. And guess what, I was successful in getting it for this battle. 'Great news', I hear you say, 'How did it work out?' I hear you ask.

In turn one, I forgot the psychic phase entirely. In turn two, I only rolled a one for addition psychic dice, and because I was only rolling three dice, I didn't get the two +4s I needed for the power. And in a later turn, I threw six dice to get my two +4s and only got 1, perils, and lost a wound. I think I only got the power off once in the game, but when it was in play on my big bike unit it was nice.

Above: Despite the obvious placement of my psychic cards, I still managed to forget the psychic phase on turn one!!!! We have word for that 'Dipstick'.

Several key moments in this game; the Saint failing a Hit and Run roll, and when she was successful, she only went a very short distance, my Warlord killing the Saint twice, after she had risen again after her first death, my Knight picking off scoring units at its leisure and David's Assassin staring forlornly at my Sicarian because she had no way of getting through its armour.

Above: The Saint unable to get away from my bikes. Perhaps it was Chapter Master's riveting conversation?

The result of the game, a nine to zero victory for me. 

Game Five: Kill Point Annihilation, Hammer and Anvil.
Opponent - Rob - Camberley Team (again) - Necrons (some very nice conversions and old school models) - (Not that I knew it at the time, but the fate of the tournaments wooden spoon rested on how the team performed. Don't get you hopes up dear reader, I am now the proud owner of a carbon based stirring utensil).

Above: Don't get me started - See below.

I have never played a Canoptek Harvest Necrons Army before, and Rob, my opponent, will not be upset if I said that it is a stupid thing. If I have got this right, the HQ unit has a +2 armour save, re-rolling 1s, and a +4 It Will Not Die roll. I am sure that there are ways of causing wounds on it, but I did not have the knowledge or luck to achieve it. I threw a great many dice at the problem but it shrugged them all off without breaking sweat. By the end of the game only my Knight remained trying to cause wounds on anything but the Necron's HQ unit. I will not lie to you, This was not the most enjoyable game of my weekend, although Rob was very apologetic about how lucky his army had been. Perhaps ignoring the unit was the better approach (much like a practice game I had versus a  castellian robot bomb in Dave R's Adeptus Mechanicus army). These games were prime examples of why some of my friends no longer play 40K. The result of the game, a not surprising 13 points to 3 loss.

Above: Old school Necrons. 

Above: My Knight standing atop some battlements, doing a passable impersonation of a Warlord Titan!

Above: A very nice Wraith conversion.

Despite our team finishing last, all of us from Tolworth had a great time (Nico won best sportsman, and James collected the best painted for his Daemons). The team aspect really changes the usual self centred approach to tournaments. Although, it does mean you are under a little more pressure to perform and perhaps a little less likely to throw Hail Mary passes (Go Steelers!). As a team we will try next time to choose some more complementary armies so that we might have a fighting chance against some of the more competitive teams. Perhaps this will be the push that I need to get my Eldar/Dark Eldar force built and painted.

Above: The Brighton Team collecting their winning certificates - Reece is in the white t-shirt.

I was very pleased with my two wins as I had worked very hard to achieve them. The Knight was my most effective piece but if my opponent was tooled-up correctly it struggled to stay around until the end. In my two victories it finished the game stood in the middle of the table like a champ.

Happy wargaming.


  1. Nice write up, looking forward to part 2
    Some of the tables look great. There is some lovely scenery for Infinity out there

  2. Thank you. it is the 'look' of Infinity which is a particular attraction, along with the rules mechanic, and having some of the nicest models out there. I am guessing that you meant to add this comment to the day one report given above this blog, regarding my weekend trip to Tunbridge Wells.