Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Big Little Game Three - Space Hulk Kill Team Revisted

The First Founding Wargaming Club has now moved to a new location, St.Paul's Parrish Hall, Hook Road, Chessington. (But not the St.Paul's Centre where I went first of all on Friday evening by mistake).

Above: In with the new.

To celebrate our new home, John C. asked Dave G. and myself to run another of our well received multiple player 40K Kill Team/Combat Patrol games. I decided to draw up another space hulk themed game for six players. Here are the mission instructions:

- 6x4 space hulk terrain board with six equally spaced entrances as described in the diagram pictured below.
- Each player acts on his own (rather than pairing up like the previous game).
- Doors can only be opened or closed by a model which is in contact with it, during a movement phase or during a run move. A player can either open or close a door during their turn, not both.
- Players had figures worth 300 points (100 points of which must be spent on Troops) and were not allowed any model with more than two wounds.
- Players have the option of moving figures as units or splitting them apart as they wish at any point of the game. There is no Look out Sir rule in the game.
- Before each turn we had all the players roll off to see went y

Special room rules:

- Medical Laboratory- Feel No Pain +5, if the model is in this room.
- Armoury - Re-roll to hit (shooting attacks only), if the model is in this room.
- Communications Room - if the player has one model in this room all the models in his force can re-roll leadership tests.
- Teleporter Room - Models that 'embark' onto the Teleporter in the movement phase can go to any of the Teleporter Reception Pads and can then 'disembark' 3 inches. Please note that you cannot go from a Teleporter Reception Pad back to the Teleporter Room.

Scoring points:

Middle Room - Which contains a weapon of mass destruction. Access to the weapon of mass destruction will only be granted once one of the doors to the middle room is opened. A player scores 4 points for opening a door to the middle room. A maximum of 4 points available.

Communication Consols (4 on table) - Score 2 points, if a model, in base to base contact with a consol passes a leadership test in the shooting phase. The model cannot shoot as well as activate a consol in the same phase. Each player can activate each consol only once. A maximum of 8 points available.

Warlord - Score 1 point for killing an enemy warlord. A maximum of 5 points available.

The six players were Kanan (Dark Angels), James and Dave R. (Chaos Space Marines), David and Callum (Space Marines) and Alex (Tau). I had placed a Dreadnought in the middle room at the beginning of the game, however, when one of David's figures opened a middle room door, I took the Dreadnought away, and we replaced it with a previously unseen Carnifex (naughty me!). Also, a number of blip counters suddenly appeared on the table. Dave G. now had the fun of controlling the Tyranid force. Due to their colour, Dave R. amusingly christened them Greenstealers.

Dave R. was the only player to put a figure in the Communications Room and benefitted from a re-roll to gain 2 points for activating a console. It was James who got off to the best start by killing David's warlord. Callum's Centurions were very effective but it was Alex's Battlesuits (which we had toned down before the the start. Shooting without needing line of sight seemed a little too strong) which brought down the Carnifex. We allowed Alex a generous D6 victory points for this act, but he could only roll a one.

With the introduction of the Greenstealers, two of which had evolved an understanding of the Teleporter controls!, things became quite confused, with little battles breaking out all over the table.

However, after a frantic two and half hours, we had gone through six turns, and the final scores were as follows:

James - 9 points (a door, 2 consoles and 1 warlord)
Alex - 7 points (a console, a door and the Carnifex)
David - 7 points (a console, a warlord and a door)
Dave R. - 7 points (3 consoles and a warlord)
Kanan - 6 points (a door and a console)
Callum - 3 points (a warlord and 1 console)

Well done to James and thanks to all those taking part and especially to Dave G. in helping me to organise and run a brilliant game.

Happy wargaming.

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