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Woking Weirdboys 40K Team Tournament - Day One

Woking Weirdboys 40K Team Tournament - Day One

This was our first go at a team tournament. Tolworth sent two teams and ours was Callum as Captain (Tau), James (Daemons), Dave G. (Slaughterkin) and myself with Space Marines and an Imperial Knight. It is safe to say we did not have a plan when working out our best match-ups during day one, nor were we keeping a tally on how well we were doing during each round. Although a team event, I set myself the task of achieving at least one victory over the weekend. Not very ambitious, but this was a very competitive event with some very strong armies.

Above: Tournament organiser James about to dunk a Chicken McNugget. Afraid I do not know if it was in Barbecue Sauce, Tomato Ketchup or Sour Cream and Chive dip, the level of detail on this tournament write up is lacking, and for that, I can only apologise.

Game One:
Emperor's Will and Relic - Hammer and Anvil deployment.
Opponent - Brady - Brighton 2nd Team - Night Lords Chaos Space Marines (During the weekend I heard this army given its most appropriate name; The Flying Army of Doom. 3 Fire Raptors and 2 Heldrakes told you all you needed to know). However, all five had to start in reserve, so all I had to do was make hay whilst the flyers were off table.

Turn two, Brady, with the aid of a re-roll, got all five flyers on the table [Doh! Enter your choice of swear word here]. Long story short; I had the near impossible task of trying to keep my Chapter Master holding the relic away from the winged nightmares. Turn four and all of Brady's flyers were hoovering (never a good sign) and by turn five my Warlord's four lives finally ran out. The result, a 15 points to 3 loss. Enjoyed the game and Brady was a fun opponent.

Above: Imperial Knight - 'We are going to need a bigger Ion Shield!'

Above: Fire Raptor ignores Land Speeder Storms, for the time being, and seeks out the bikes.

Above: My Techmarine - 'Oh no, not more flying things!'

Game Two:
Five objectives, with points also given for destroying heavy support choices - The diagonal deployment.
Opponent - Mike - Camberley - Pure Dark Eldar, with a unit of five Talos, many Venoms and a scattering of dark lances. Mike explained that this was his first tournament (gulp!) - I think there are kinder ways to be introduced to the tournament scene. The story of the game was that I tried to keep the Talos away from my Knight. I managed this, although the Sicarian had to sell its life. By the end I managed to control two objectives to Mike's one, we had both lost one heavy support, but I had also managed all three secondaries, Warlord, Line Breaker and First Blood. So I earned my first win, nine points to five. A tough game.

Above: The Imperial forces will be complaining to their Camouflage Department. Yellow vehicles in a grey landscape! At least the Dark Eldar commander had got the e-mail.

Above: The silent floating doom.

Above: Toughness five bikes can be tough nuts to crack.

Game Three:
Objectives - Hammer and Anvil deployment.
Opponent - Reece - Space Marines with lots of scouts, two horribly be-weaponed Forge World dreadnoughts and a Sicarian. Early on I realised that Reece knew his stuff. His scouts scouted (whatever next!), and took out my Sicarian in turn one. I made an ill-fated attempt to take out his Warlord with some of my scouts. My bikes and Chapter Master final fell foul of all the incoming fire. But my Knight stayed in the fight (Reece's scout Sergeants kept dropping their Melta Bombs on their toes when in close combat) and if I had used the Knight better, I may have got something out of the game. But instead I suffered a nine points to nil loss. Another enjoyable game, and Reece and his team went onto greater things on day two.

Above: Enemy Dreadnought taking up a lofty perch.

Above: Scouting the Scouts! What a dirty trick.

Above: Reece employs his remaining scouts as mobile speed humps to slow down the Knight.

So by the end of day one I had achieved my goal of a victory. Anything in day two was going to be a bonus. The team however were occupying the bottom half of the day one leader board.

Happy wargaming.

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