Saturday, 17 October 2015

40K Tournament Army - Planning

Tolworth First Founding have decided to send players to a Woking Weirdboys tournament, and despite, my less than optimised list, I decided to go along. At least it committed me to making and painting my Imperial Knight, which has lurked unloved in a box since last Christmas.

Above: The bikes and 'heavies'.

HQ Chapter Master (Warlord) 90+40 =130
Artificer Armour 20
Bike 20
Chapter Relic - The Shield Eternal 50
Thunder Hammer 25
Total 245

HQ Librarian 65
Psyker - (Mastery Level 2) 25
Bike 20
Auspex 5
Total 115 
Troops Bike Squad 63
Two extra bikes 42
Two Grav-guns 30
Sergeant Combi-Grav 10
Total 145 

Troops Scouts 55
Heavy Bolter 8
Land Speeder Storm (Heavy Bolter) 40
Total 103

Troops Scouts 55
Heavy Bolter 8
Land Speeder Storm (Heavy Flamer) 40
Total 103

Troops Scouts 55
Heavy Bolter 8
Land Speeder Storm (Assault Cannon 15) 55
Total 118 

Heavy Support Sicarian Battle Tank 135
Sponson Heavy Bolters 20
Total 155

Heavy Support Thunderfire Cannon 100
Total 100

Imperial Knight - Knight Paladin 375
Stormspear Rocket Pod 40
Total 415

Grand Total 1499

I have managed a couple of practice games, with Callum's proxied Stormsurges ending my hopes by turn three! (The new Tau Gargantuan Creature with its special rule - Just keeping rolling dice until your enemy is removed from the table!) and Dave R. with his Adeptus Mechanicus Robots and Imperial Knight. With Woking being a very competitive event I could very optimistically say 'Onward to victory?' But perhaps 'Onwards to participation' sounds more likely.

Happy Wargaming.

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