Saturday, 22 October 2016

Drop Zone Batrep - UCM vs Scourge - A Perfect Storm

Club night and the Coastal Assault Champion Tim and myself were pitched against each other for a relaxing evening's Drop Zone game. We had no particular mission in mind, so we chose Defence Line. Tim brought along his 'work in progress' UCM army with things he 'threw together'. The one notable thing about it, the two Ferrums (naughty boy Timothy). I took my Invasion list, but with a tweak; three Hunters out, a Screamer and Raider in.

Above: All is good in the world. Mike, Stephen and Tim settle down for some Zoning.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

40K Kill Team - Small things mean a lot

Last week's space hulk kill team game was the club's evolution for mass participation small games, but I have never played a 'traditional' kill team game with GW sanctioned rules. Until now. Armed with a copy of GW's newly released rules and a few models, Dave G. (Inquisitorial Henchmen) and myself (Iron Hand Scouts) gave it a go.

Above: [No caption required]

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Kill Team - Space Hulk - Tables for fourteen please.

Here we go again. Popular demand requires that Dave G and myself run another Kill Team game for the 40k masses. As always, I wanted to introduce a new element to keep the game as fresh as a daisy. Previously, we have included robots, relics, zombies and special rooms, of which the latter, granted special rules and abilities. This time, I have decided to have two playing areas with access between each granted by teleport pads only. Let the confusion reign.

Above: Are we really going to try and get 14 people around a three foot by three foot table?

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Invasion - DZC Tourney - Day Two

Day two of Invasion and I had two wins and a loss so far. With two games too play I still had an opportunity to do well....or totally muck it up. Time would tell. Some of the players had helped Hawk Louie celebrated his birthday on the Saturday evening but there was still a room full of expectant gamers ready first thing Sunday morning. 

Above: Dan, are you ready for day two?