Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Critical Engagement: So Alex how did it go?

Saturday 8 July brought 20 stalwart Drop Zone Commander gamers to Chessington, Surrey, for the annual Critical Engagement, 1000 point, 4 game tournament. With preparation finally over, we had now arrived. On the Friday evening I had snuck in a finally practice game against Stephen (last year's event winner). I managed a narrow one point victory, in a game where his Alexander put five wounds on my Thunderstorm in one activation (quite a feat) before the resin tea-tray was finally blown to smithereens. The next morning came around, and before long Mike, Dan, Ed, Joe and myself were eating a pre-tournament breakfast.

Above: Player registration. 'Waive for the camera'.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

GamesExpo Day 4 - To boldly go.

The final GamesExpo day arrived all to quickly. However, the four of us had signed up for the spaceship bridge simulator, and were excitedly intrigued as to what was in store.

Above: A morning's game of Tiny Epic Western whilst we awaited our trip to the stars.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

GamesExpo Day 3 - Infinity 3 game Tournament

And onto day 3 of our Expo experience. Board games took a back seat as Joe and Ed took part in the Drop Fleet tournament and Mike and myself went off to play at the Infinity N3 ITS event. As with previous years Peter Acs (Lead Rising Blog) and Ian Wood (The Wargames Trader) were hosting the latter. This was Mike's first Infinity tournament and a very brave little soldier he was too. He took his Yu Jing, and I took along my long suffering Nomads.

Above: Gamers for as far as the eye could see.