Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Blood Bowl League - Sick as a rat.

Going into game thee of the Blood Bowl league, things were looking ok. A loss to the very able Dan, and a goalfest draw against Mike's super heroes. First up, a friendly rematch against Mike. I was fairly confident of my chances going into the game, being unbeaten at Mike's for three games, and being able to use my new signing, a Rat Ogre.

Above: Mike's superheroes team. Far right is his most recent addition, Rogue.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Infinity - 'A larger font please Corvus'.

 I am the first to appreciate that me writing a blog about Infinity N3 rules is a little rich, and is tempting fate to poke me in the eye*.  Countless, are the times that I have confidently given a rules pronouncement and been proven wrong (sorry Mike). I will hope, that whatever mistakes the next few paragraphs contain a good willed reader will attempt to rectify them. Thank you.

(*If you want to read a blog with a profession approach to rules interpretation visit Peter Acs brilliant Lead Rising Blog).

Above: There's something in there somewhere.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tails of the River Bank - Blood Bowl League

With a few games under my belt, we have begun a Blood Bowl league at the club. (For a full story visit Dan's blog at     ). Leagues, much like campaigns, allow your team to develop and grow as games progress, and should you wish, you can develop a story around your team and it's history.

Above: First day of the season.