Monday, 29 August 2016

Question: Terrain Junkie or Terrain Snob?

I have been rightly accused of having too much terrain. I cannot deny that I get a great deal of pleasure from building and designing a table with bucket loads of character. 

Above: Nice.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Time Matters - Trying to please all of the players all of the time

Recent tournaments have raised an issue that is never far from a topic of conversation at such events; how do you ensure every player gets a fair and equal amount of time to play their game?

Above: Timed Guild Ball games, from left to right, Matt, Dan, Joe and Mike.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Drop Zone Battle Report

The working week was greatly improved by an invitation to Mike's new pad for an evening's Drop Zoning. After the recent debacle at the Critical Engagement tourney, I needed to get my DZC mojo back. 

Above: The game in full flow.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

One Day Guild Ball Tournament - Dark Sphere

Mike, Joe, Nathan and myself went down to Dark Sphere for a Guild Ball tournament run by our club's own Guild Ball rep, Matt. 

Five games, limited to 35 minutes per player with an additional ten one minute activations, made for a very challenging day. I had never played GB 'under the clock before', so Mike and I took the opportunity on a day off from work, to give it a go. It really makes a great leveller. The analogy I used was a premier league football team playing a FA Cup tie at a non league ground on a wet and windy Tuesday night. 

Neither of us clocked out in our first game. But then both of us kids then got cocky, and both overran in game two. By game four it seemed entirely natural to be playing with a time limit. And weirdly, after the tournament, I now want the clock in every game I play.

Above: Dark Sphere ready for the kick-off.