Saturday, 28 May 2016

Recent GB Games - Enjoyment comes in many forms. Thankfully.

When I started this blog I knew that it was probably a dangerous enterprise; in that, I lose the majority of the games I play, and I am prone to the odd silly error or two (dozen), and would need to write about them, reliving my mistakes and looking like a twit. Fortunately, you, my readers have so far been very kind. Only on one occasion, in comments made on another site, someone said I made a silly mistake. (On this occasion for not using a command token to reduce an opponent's order pool in a game of Infinity N3). 

I am not going to disagree. That kind of mistake is daft. And I will not deny that I don't tell you about all my games, especially those where I am so lame brained that I feel as sick as a parrot afterwards. 

An example of this was a recent Guild Ball league game between Mike's Engineers and my Fishermen. Mike won the initiative and chose to receive. He collected the ball and gave it to Velocity. I activated Kraken and decided to attempt a harpoon attack on the ball carrier. But stupidly I had forgotten about another player's abilities. Fangtooth was stood next to Velocity, and once Kraken approached within 6 inches of the big guy, he, being within 4 inches of Mike's goal, got a free charge. Kraken was knocked down, lost all of his remaining influence, and from this prone and isolated position received two turns of Mike's attention. And despite having 20 health points and tough hide he was taken out of the game in turn two. I never recovered from this, and I went onto lose the game 14 to 4. (Shoulders sag. Alex wears 'that' face).

Above: Mike enjoying his pre-match meal.

Above: Kraken forward of the rest of the team, knocked down, and rightly concerned about his exposed position.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nomads - Beginning a New Infinity Army

As long as I have been aware of Infinity I have used Ariadna as my faction of choice. For a long time I stuck with the contents of their starter box. I enjoyed using Scouts, Tank Hunters and the odd Dog Warrior. Recently, I have enjoyed the link team novelty of the USAriadna. But now I have decided to change out of combat fatigues into something more colourful and close fitting; What is that I see travelling towards me? Bring forth the Nomads.

Above: Wherever I lay my armour four hat is my home (Mobile Brigadas). Painting is still ongoing, but I have chosen a dark red as a base for all the models.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

When All Else Fails Put Some Pictures Up

Just some pictures this week.

Above: A teaser for the next Space Hulk multi-player game at the club. Who can get to the control panels first?

Above: A Jabberslythe. One of my favourite GW monsters.

Above: Space Marine Captain.

Above: 'Why so scared Grot?'

Above: Now I understand.

Happy gaming to you all.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mayhem 2016 40K Tournament

With other games taking my attention recently I haven't played a game of 40K in some time. A one day 40K tournament at the club gave me the opportunity to see what the latest meta soup of the day is at the GW restaurant.

Above: The room begins to fill with expectant gamers.