Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Critical Engagement 2017: Something different

Taking a break from Expo coverage, this week's blog covers our own Drop Zone Commander tournament: Critical Engagement 2017. As with previous years we have tried to make things a little different. A limit of 1000 points allows us to get four games done in a day. Custom missions give different tactical challenges to the norm. Some unique terrain will add variation to the usual tower block tables, and finally, we have a well stocked prize fund.

Above: Orbital Bombardment (from left to right, Joe, myself, Mike, Dan and Ed) about to record pod magic.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

GamesExpo 2017 - Day two

Day two was the first day of the Expo proper. Following breakfast all four of us met up in the queue with eager anticipation. Mike and Ed arrived with much longer arms than the evening before (not due to any sort of strange sexual activity during the night - they had carried Ed's Black Library back catalogue from Joe's car, for the Bring and Buy). And before long, we were allowed admittance into the main hall.

Above: The queue. You could cut the expectation with a blunt measuring device. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Gamesexpo 2017 - Day One

Here we are again at the UK's primary boardgame convention. The 'here' is the Birmingham NEC and the Hilton Hotel. The 'we' is Joe (designated driver), Mike, Ed, and myself. Following a trip to the cafe in the morning, we all piled into Joe's mammoth 4x4, and weighed down by the contents of the British Library that Ed was taking to the bring and buy, we set off.

Above: The four amigos about to begin their epic weekend.