Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Critical Engagement 2017: Something different

Taking a break from Expo coverage, this week's blog covers our own Drop Zone Commander tournament: Critical Engagement 2017. As with previous years we have tried to make things a little different. A limit of 1000 points allows us to get four games done in a day. Custom missions give different tactical challenges to the norm. Some unique terrain will add variation to the usual tower block tables, and finally, we have a well stocked prize fund.

Above: Orbital Bombardment (from left to right, Joe, myself, Mike, Dan and Ed) about to record pod magic.

If the pod publishing gods are happy, you will have the chance to hear us extolling the virtues of the tournament on our most recent podcast, (keep an eye on the Orbital Bombardment site for access to the pod and for full details on the event - ).

Above: Before recording said podcast four of us played Champions of Midguard, and much impressed we were with slaying monsters in the world of Vikings. 

I have stuck with the Resistance for Critty E (I find that their robustness makes them a little more forgiving than other races). Or to put it another way, I can make mistakes, and the stuff will still live. 1000 points give you some interesting challenges regarding what you can take but still have an effective army. With help from Mike, my army list advisor, the list is as follows:

- HQ: Thunderstorm (level 2), 3 Thunderwagons, 
- Vehicle Detachment: Kraken, 3 Gun Wagons,
- Vehicle Detachment: Kraken, 3 Gun Wagons, 
- Infantry: Kraken, 2 Battle Busses (with Rockets), 4 Resistance Fighters (2 units of two), 
- Infiltrators: Special Lifthawk, 4 Bezerkers (2 units of two), 2 Freeriders.

Above: Small and perfectly formed.

Ed and I are putting together some custom tables. For me the terrain building is nearly complete. I am very pleased with the desert table and I hope it plays well.

Above: Not an office block in sight!

Above: One of the benefits of having been a 'traditional' wargamer is that you are never short of a few trees. 

I hope some of you can come along on the 8th July. If so, please come say hello.

Enjoy your gaming.



  1. desert table is looking awesome Mr R. Love the look of it

  2. Nice! Best of luck on the 8th.

    1. Thank you JW. We will all no doubt report on our ups and downs.

  3. This looks great - I really wish I could have made it this year.

    Really pleased to see some different looking tables too. I think it's a really healthy development for the game to see it being fought on different battlefields.

  4. Thank you AD. Totally agree with regard the need for different table layouts.