Sunday, 4 June 2017

Gamesexpo 2017 - Day One

Here we are again at the UK's primary boardgame convention. The 'here' is the Birmingham NEC and the Hilton Hotel. The 'we' is Joe (designated driver), Mike, Ed, and myself. Following a trip to the cafe in the morning, we all piled into Joe's mammoth 4x4, and weighed down by the contents of the British Library that Ed was taking to the bring and buy, we set off.

Above: The four amigos about to begin their epic weekend.

I am writing this in the lounge of the Ibis Styles hotel where I'm rooming with Ed. Mike and Joe are staying at the much more convenient Hilton. Not an ideal arrangement for maxing out on gaming, but hotel rooms around the NEC were in short supply when I originally booked mine back in November. 

Above: Mike and Joe enjoying a romantic selfie moment on their balcony.

We arrived at the Hilton, and quickly broke open the considerable number of games we had brought along. First up Exploding Kittens followed by Tiny Epic Western (a particular favourite of mine). Next up, with the arrive of club-mate Amit, we enjoyed two games of Camel Cup, and then, we were on to something with a bit more depth, Shogun. 

Above: Camel Cup with Amit.

Above: The room put aside by the Hilton on the Thursday evening for gaming.

Above: A brilliant battle ridden game of Shogun left very small occupying forces in the different provinces and lead to a very tense finish, with Ed (red counters) sneaking a close victory.

Amit left us and we were joined by ex-Hawk Dave and played A Ticket to Ride. And finally for the evening, we capped it all off with a couple of games of Tsuro.

Above: Ed enjoying the harmless banter between Mike and myself before playing Ticket to Ride.

Above: Simon (foreground) subbed for Amit.

Above: Instead of playing 'standard' Tsuro where you are dealt three cards a place the most helpful for your playing piece to remain on the playing area, we (at my request) chose to play a more severe version, where you 'top deck' the card, and hope it is beneficial. Playing the white counter you can see that my first card was the least helpful in this regard. Doh! (Everyone was very sorry to see me draw this card. No wait a minute, they laughed like drains. The swines).

We decided to keep a running record of the results for games in which the four of us were taking part, scoring four for first, 3 for second, and so on. After day one the scores were thus: Mike 27, Joe 27, Ed 19, and myself on 16. 

As always, enjoy your gaming.



  1. Looks like you guys had a cracking weekend. /jealous

    1. Hi Bri. Yes. We had a really good time, which I hope the next few posts will prove. If you like board games you should try and visit.