Sunday, 28 May 2017

Critical Engagement 2017 - Terrain update

The OB guys want us to spread the word about our forthcoming Drop Zone Commander Tournament on 8th July, Critical Engagement ( I have been helping construct terrain for the event, and here are a few words and pictures on my progress. 

Above: Scatter terrain in progress.

We may have as many as 16 tables at the event, so choosing Bunker Assault as a mission can be a terrain challenge. With up to 80 bunkers needed I have one set of the Hawk bunkers, so only 75 more bunkers needed. I have started by making some of my own and using some very nice pieces from Ainsty Castings picked up at Salute:

Below: Bunkers as far as the eye can see.

The Badlands table.
As regular readers will be aware I have a very fond spot for pretty terrain, and although I enjoy my DZ games, I don't find them a visually exciting experience (upturned cereal packets). Therefore, for Critty E I decided to put together a themed table, which I hope will look cool, but remain playable. The desert is my setting, containing massive rock spires for line of site blocking, and some large industrial towers to act as the normal objective containing buildings. 

Here are some construction pictures on the rock spires.

Above: Layers of polystyrene and cork.

Above: Undercoated with a mix of textured paint and white PVA glue.

Above: A succession of dark to light dry brushing.

My final stage will be some grass tufts. 

I hope those of you living near Chessington will be able to come along in July. If so, come and say hello.

Until next time, keep wargaming.



  1. The desert terrain looks amazing Alex!

  2. Can't wait to play on these, looks great so far Betty

  3. Loving the desert table, that's a great set of scenery!

    1. Thank you Peter. Looking forward to the weekend in Birmingham. See you there.