Monday, 26 September 2016

Invasion - Sept. '16 DZC Tourney - Day One

How quickly we are here again. Do remember the excitement at the beginning of the year  regarding all the new models? The pictures on the walls and models in the cabinet. Well ladies and gentlemen all those models are now in our grubby little hands and hordes (not hoards) of gamers are ready to rock and roll at the UK's biggest DZC tournament. Whoop. Whoop.

Above: Let the fun commence.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Drop Zone Commander - The Re-roll Rule.

Ideally when writing an army list you aim for the maximum points available. For some games and armies this is easier than others (many times a GW Space Marine Sergeant has unexpectedly found 5 point Melta Bombs in his Christmas stocking). For Drop Zone players things are not that easy, army composition is quite prescriptive on what is allowed and how many you can take. Its tricky to find much that is worth ten points or less. What to do? Here is an idea. 

Above: The guys enjoying club night. From left to right, Joe, Ed, Dan, Stephen and Tim.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Coastal Assault - Back into the jelly mould

Excited by the release of the new Drop Zone Commander book, and especially, all the new toys introduced for the Scourge, I returned to Hawk's favourite squishy alien life form for the Drop Zone tournament, Coastal Assault, being held at the Dice Saloon, Brighton.

Above: Tournament in full swing.