Saturday, 18 February 2017

World of Wargaming Adventures - Support your Local Club*

A 40K Kill Team game, and planning the next Space Hulk multi-player event with Dave G, were  my entertainment at a recent club evening. Like most wargaming venues the members drive the clubs fortunes. For us, since Christmas, it has been a little quiet, but the Friday in question was a very pleasant change. 

*I appreciate may wish to insert an alternate word instead. Perhaps 'Store', 'Basement' or 'Garage'.

Above: Many an exciting thing going on.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Winter Invasion 2017 - Day Two

Day two of the Invasion Drop Zone Tournament, and my challenge, to win games four and five, and give me a winning record overall. Piece of cake. Again, as well as gaming, there were lots of chances to chat all things Zone. For instance, I met with Hawk Andrew who will become the companies North American representative in the near future. (All the very best with your exploits Andrew).

Above: A lean green fighting machine.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Winter Invasion 2017 - Day One

And here we are again, to immerse ourselves in All things Drop Zone Commander. With the main focus being on Drop Fleet recently, we now have the opportunity to reinvigorate our love for Hawk's first born, at their two day, five game, winter tournament. I appreciate that other quicker bloggers have given you news and views, and more importantly, results. So, unlike most things appearing on the internet nowadays, I can promise you no spoiler alerts (you can read this without any fear of ruining the viewing of a future movies, TV programmes, box sets etc.)

Above: The gang's all here. From left to right, Joe, Dan (kneeling), myself, Mike, Pete and Ed.

Monday, 30 January 2017

DZC - Back in the Zone - Invasion prep.

Invasion flys around again and my focus turns towards the premier Drop Zone Commander tournament. With my many games of Infinity recently, opportunities to play DZC have been few and far between. However, Mike did offer me the chance of a practice game a couple of days before the event.

Above: That's not Scourge? 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Infinity N3 - It was the best of wargaming, it was the worst of wargaming.

Attempting to write a blog every week is a silly self imposed rule. Occasionally it has me struggling. Content is not a problem, I can usually get in two games a week; the Friday club night and Mike's very kind offer of a midweek game. But, it can be problem to write of my wargaming adventures when perhaps the games don't have a great deal of notoriety, or perhaps I have to admit to a mistake or two.......or eight. Dear reader, I just ask that you be kind with your thoughts on this week's offering, as I recount my two most recent Infinity games with my favourite Manga Space Travellers.

Above: A packed Friday club night.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Infinity ITS Event - Van's the Man.

To Ibuywargames I travel for my first tourney of the year. With all my recent N3 games I was looking forward to seeing if I could play a little better than previously. The format was three 400 point games each played in 2 hours.

Above: Players finding their tables. Keith the TO, in the red top.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Nomads - I never had this problem playing Ariadna.

Infinity N3 continues a pace. Mike and Dan continue on their learning curve. You may hear from them personally in the future about their fun and games with JSA and Tohaa respectively. The Infinity N3 infection of Orbital Bombardment spreads as I am due to show Joe the ropes at a forthcoming club night.

Above: Rarely seen together at the club together, all of OB, from left to right, Ed, Joe, Dan, Pete, Mike, and myself (the OB eye candy), off camera. 

The large number games I have crammed in recently has allowed me to better understand my Nomads, and although I appreciate players out there in the big wargaming world might say, 'yes, well of course?', for me, I need to play enough games so that things begin to happen instinctively rather than as a result of actual thinking.

Recently, I have nailed down the use of Smoke and White Noise. It's all well and good knowing what the strategy is, but until you put it into practice, it's not worth a bean. 

Above: Mike playing Ed, but apparently neither is willing to trust the other to measure a range correctly.