Sunday, 21 May 2017

DZC - Coastal Assault Tournament - May 2017

You may have already read Mike's report (Orbital Bombardment blog), so there are no spoiler alerts associated with this post. I took the role of designated drive. After picking up Dan we met up with Mike and Ed for our trip to our favourite south coast wargaming retreat, the Dice Saloon in Brighton. Of the 18 participants 8 had come from our club, and between the four of us, we knew pretty much everyone else taking part. 

Above: Players preparing for game one.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Salute - Part Two. (Tony Harrison tribute)

Welcome to the second instalment of my Salute report. Unusually for me, instead of just buying stuff as soon as I saw it, I was much more reserved and carried out an initial reconnaissance, before returning to traders and items if money and enthusiasm remained. However, although I didn't know it, there were two items on my wish list.

Above: 'It's an Outrage!' - Two of my favourite things collide - Infinity N3 and the Mighty Boosh.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Salute - Event Report - Part One

How does something as huge as the largest annual UK wargaming event sneak up on you? Well on this occasion Salute did, and before you could say 'be at the Waterloo McDonalds at 8.45', we had began a very organised queue experience at the Excel Centre in London Docklands. Salute is a massive event that taxes your stamina.

Above: One big clue to where any right minded wargamer (with pockets stuffed with cash) was on 22nd April 2017. 

It seems that every nook and cranie of the venue is stuffed full of things great, small and peculiar. It is to the great credit of the organisers (all volunteers), and the ' just for the day' volunteers, that the huge scale does not overwhelm them. Good stuff. Gushing over let's get on with it.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Blood Bowl League - Sick as a rat.

Going into game thee of the Blood Bowl league, things were looking ok. A loss to the very able Dan, and a goalfest draw against Mike's super heroes. First up, a friendly rematch against Mike. I was fairly confident of my chances going into the game, being unbeaten at Mike's for three games, and being able to use my new signing, a Rat Ogre.

Above: Mike's superheroes team. Far right is his most recent addition, Rogue.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Infinity - 'A larger font please Corvus'.

 I am the first to appreciate that me writing a blog about Infinity N3 rules is a little rich, and is tempting fate to poke me in the eye*.  Countless, are the times that I have confidently given a rules pronouncement and been proven wrong (sorry Mike). I will hope, that whatever mistakes the next few paragraphs contain a good willed reader will attempt to rectify them. Thank you.

(*If you want to read a blog with a profession approach to rules interpretation visit Peter Acs brilliant Lead Rising Blog).

Above: There's something in there somewhere.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tails of the River Bank - Blood Bowl League

With a few games under my belt, we have begun a Blood Bowl league at the club. (For a full story visit Dan's blog at     ). Leagues, much like campaigns, allow your team to develop and grow as games progress, and should you wish, you can develop a story around your team and it's history.

Above: First day of the season.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Space Hulk - A time to leave.

The story so far.
Space Hulk CST6012 had drifted out of the warp much to the interest of the Imperium and alien  races.  Many a zombie has been dispatched, robot rebooted, teleporter used, enemy killed and exciting piece of technology salvaged. However, the hulk has now been caught in the gravity well of a nearby planet, and time has run out for our plucky explorers. It is time to leave.

Above: Will the last one out please turn off the lights?