Thursday, 24 August 2017

Infinity N3 Escalation League - Missions Rejig

Amongst others, I must thank Nate, Dan and Mike, for their comments and changes to the missions below. The agreed view was that they needed to more closely mirror real ITS, but still allow scoring on both sides and assist new players to learn the game. Two missions from the original four have been totally changed, and the other two have been tweaked. Mission four now allows a HVT and uses the classified deck.

Above: Ahh. Happy Infinity gamers.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

40K 8th Edition - First Impressions

Thanks to my wargaming chum, Dave G. I finally got round to my first full game of 40K 8th edition. Apart from the odd game of Killteam, 40K in its 7th version, disappeared from my wargaming radar. The diary clash back in May between our club's own 40K tournament and a nearby Infinity ITS event was no contest for me. I had put up a metaphorical sign up against GW's flagship game; 'no fun to be had here'.

Above: Dave setting up.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Infinity N3 Escalation League - Missions

Enough people in the club have picked up Infinity now for me to take it to the next stage, an escalation league. I know that some of the Infinity newbies at the club have been playing full 300 point games, however, now that we have got past the Critical Engagement tournament and Dan's well received Blood Bowl league is reaching its conclusion, time is ripe to for those who have been left behind to catch-up. 

This also coincides with my attempts to use a new faction, Haqquislam. I have played two full 300 point games so far, but it has been all to clear, that I need to learn my new faction by taking baby steps. (The pictures accompanying this blog come from a recent Ibuywargames event in Woking, their biggest yet, with 20+ players. We shall not dwell on how well I did. The most recent Totally Crit podcast covers the event).

Above: A room crowded with ITS excitement.