Sunday, 31 July 2016

Space Hulk - The Little Big Game Continues - I robot!

David G and myself yet again decided to throw ourselves at the mercy of expectant gamers and run another multi-player 40K game themed around the exploration of a derelict space hulk. The Zombies have taken a break, but we have added a command robot, sentry robots and crates to collect for everyone's amusement.

Above: Our eight intrepid commanders unaware what is in store.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Constance in Peril - 40K Campaign - Part 3

I welcomed David R. back to the war room with his lovely Ultra Marine 40k army and we had the opportunity to play the last battle in our three game narrative campaign. (Parts one and two can be found on my posts of 25/12/15 and 1/1/16). Having struggled to capture the moon on Motspire, the Imperials had made a better job of securing landfall on the planet of Constance. Their job, in this final instalment, was to finally rid the system of the Nurgle infestation, led by its overlord, Typhus. (In part two I had mentioned the planetary governor and his underground HQ. I decided however, if this was to be the final part I had to involve the main protagonists). Typhus had been tracked down to a medical lab in an industrial complex. The lab walls were impregnable. The force field doors, could however, be turned off by destroying six power nodes scattered around the complex. Only Marneus Calgar and his Ultra Marines could attempt such a mission.

Above: Typhus has been tracked down.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Critical Engagement - DZC Tourney Report

The much heralded OB DZC tournament is finally here. Apart from Sergeant Slaughter (aka Pete) all of the OB crew are taking part. Joe, Ed and myself competing, Dan (the 'odd' Man), and Mike acting as TO.

Above: The tournament in fun swing

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Furious Geoff aka Geoff-Wing

Mike didn't like the name Furious Geoff. 'It isn't literation,' he complained. He wanted Angry Andy instead. Dan proposed an alternate; Geoff-Wing, (due to the X-wing widgets). I imagine that the game will have a number of different names before settling down to a mutually agreeable title (Car Wars 2016 has been proposed by a reader (thank you Newtoncain). We shall see what the future holds and which name sticks. For this current post, we shall stick with Furious Geoff. 

Above: my modelling area with appropriate inspirational movie entertainment

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Furious Geoff - A journey into post-apocalyptic vehicular combat

The internet now means that it is very difficult not to find a set of miniature rules that covers your chosen era, scale or even your imagination. Back in day, rule sets were rare and wonderful thing, usually in black and white and with the occasional picture or diagram. Writing your own from scratch, or based on an established set, was not uncommon. 

Above: A pile of inspiration