Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bushido - The Silver Moon Syndicate

The game of Bushido continues to intrigue me. My first purchases for the Silver Moon Syndicate are made and painted (see below). However my custom built gaming board has had to take a back seat and the themed dice tower remains an idea for a later date. I have tried to watch some battle reports on you tube, but it is obvious that this game is still quite niche, and the game mechanics have yet to sink in. I may try and get my first game, or at least a run through of the rules, with someone from the club soon.

Now they are all made and painted I just need to find out what they do!
My recent Infinity purchases have now been completed. These should be sufficient to design my next list up to 400 points.

Ariadna Dog Warriors, Sniper with AP Sniper Rifle and Brigadier Bruant 
Happy wargaming. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Infernal Backed - Congratulations to Wartorn

Well done Wartorn on reaching the £15000 target on the Kickstarter for Infernal. Personally I have lined myself up for two factions and the electronic rule book. Along with my other projects I have begun to put some ideas together for some Infernal themed terrain which I intend to feature in a future post.

The Doctor will see you now!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cannons to the right of them

It is safe to say that scratch-building is one of my passions in the wargaming hobby. I certainly like the challenge of building something that is a bit different from what a manufacturer had in mind themselves. In the past, for 40K, I have constructed Stormtalons, a Stompa and a Skullhammer (see below) for the sole reason that I could, and normally in some cases, because the model had not been released yet. My only problem, that the version I construct is probably a little bigger than first planned, although not normally a problem for Orks!

Available in any colour, as long as it is red.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Don't Stop That Infernal Noise

On Tuesday night the Wartorn crew brought their figures and rules down to the club to introduce some of the members to the game of Infernal which is currently on Kickstarter (see an earlier post for the address to the Kickstarter page).

Monday, 15 June 2015

Projects in Progress - Bushido and Infinity

So our trip to the Birmingham tournament gave fresh impetuous to my Infinity habit and our club members became aware of the game of Bushido. Meeting my old mate Chris from the Totally Crit Infinity podcast (give it a try out) was a really excellent bonus. I will be looking to take part in a future tournament over at his club. I know that they are planning a 400 point event in the future, so I needed to think of the changes/additions required to my Ariadna list. Based on the fun I had using one werewolf in my games, I decided to buy the two Dog Warriors boxed set.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Wealth of Experience so Poorly Used

I have been Wargaming for a number of decades now, and in all that time you would think that my experiences would have taught me a great many things about the art of generalship and how a wargame can be won. Well yes, but my problem,  can be described as follows:

A tournament - time to put on the game face.

I so enjoy the activity of wargaming I forget, or just fail to do, the things which would bring about victory. Example, I can spend a whole turn planning some brilliant tactical manoeuvre, but in the next turn forget to carry it through because I suddenly get distracted by something, for instance, realising I had a slim chance of shotting and killing the enemy's warlord. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Wartorn Games Kickstarter

Just a short message to make you aware of a Kickstarter being run by the good people at Wartorn Games who you may remember I mentioned in my review of Salute back in May. The link is:


Go a take look.

UK Games Expo 2015 - My Experiences

(Dear Reader, you would have received this blog a little sooner, but unfortunately my computer skills deserted me, and I managed to lose the draft. Doh!).

So myself and friends from the Orbital Bombardment podcast jumped in three cars and went to the UK Games Expo 2015 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel at the Birmingham NEC. We stayed for two nights and this was by far the best way to drink in the atmosphere (as some of my colleagues did!). And I must say thanks to all the organises, traders and other attendees who made it such a great event. We all had a very good time. Although I have never been to an American convention, like Adepticon or Nova, I imagine it would be something like this centred around a hotel.

Picture below - A room of happy board gamers