Monday, 15 June 2015

Projects in Progress - Bushido and Infinity

So our trip to the Birmingham tournament gave fresh impetuous to my Infinity habit and our club members became aware of the game of Bushido. Meeting my old mate Chris from the Totally Crit Infinity podcast (give it a try out) was a really excellent bonus. I will be looking to take part in a future tournament over at his club. I know that they are planning a 400 point event in the future, so I needed to think of the changes/additions required to my Ariadna list. Based on the fun I had using one werewolf in my games, I decided to buy the two Dog Warriors boxed set.

With a trip to Dark Sphere I took a look in their box of Bushido blister packs and choose the Silver Moon Syndicate as my faction. The figures are very petty, but their arms are very thin. A thinness which were beyond my pinning abilities and as a result I have had to put my faith in the super glue gods.

I have also begun work on my themed Bushido two foot by two foot board based on my choice of faction. I plan it to be a river whalf scene. A river inlet with jetties as the main features.

But these recent activities have caused me some alarm as I begin to appreciate the number of unfinished projects that litter the war vault. This should be no news to the established wargamer. So let's confront my fears and look to see what jobs are awaiting time and inspiration. Here is a list of unfinished projects:

- Dark Eldar 40K army
- Harlequins
- A Blood Angel Tactical squad and Forge World Dreadnought
- A Japanese contemplation garden as an Infinity table idea
- 40K Ork space pirates
- An Imperial Knight
- A Scourge army for Drop Zone Commander
- The Silver Moon Syndicate
- Dog Warriors for my Ariadna Infinity army

Heavens. Now that I have written them down (I told Mike about this blog before I wrote it and he warned me against it), I now appreciate this number is far too high. Time to focus. I shall keep you updated on progress.

Happy wargaming.

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