Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cannons to the right of them

It is safe to say that scratch-building is one of my passions in the wargaming hobby. I certainly like the challenge of building something that is a bit different from what a manufacturer had in mind themselves. In the past, for 40K, I have constructed Stormtalons, a Stompa and a Skullhammer (see below) for the sole reason that I could, and normally in some cases, because the model had not been released yet. My only problem, that the version I construct is probably a little bigger than first planned, although not normally a problem for Orks!

Available in any colour, as long as it is red.

Another reason for the build is that I just don't like the model available. An example of this is the Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon. I don't mind the Cannon, but I have never liked the track unit. And considering the destruction it can bring on the battlefield, I don't think the model is big enough to portray it's true effectiveness. Therefore, a perfect modelling project for me.

On of my first attempts, based on a shortened Imperial Guard Chimera, is nice, but did end up being a little too big (no surprises there!)

A more stable gun platform, but perhaps accusations of modelling for advantage!

I have recently added two new versions, using the track units from a Taurox model and some reclaimed missile launchers from a rarely used Whirlwind. So, now with three models I like, I am ideally placed to have the three Cannons that the new Space Marine Codex allows me to take as one heavy support choices.
Two are always better than one.
I have a 1850 point game soon, and I will let you know how three Cannons perform.

Happy wargaming.