Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Don't Stop That Infernal Noise

On Tuesday night the Wartorn crew brought their figures and rules down to the club to introduce some of the members to the game of Infernal which is currently on Kickstarter (see an earlier post for the address to the Kickstarter page).

Jon asked me to bring along some of my Infinity terrain so that they could run two introductory games and I was happy to oblige. myself and Dan took command of a few figures from two of the factions, the Dagger Teams and the Tortured Souls, respectively.

Each army commander takes it in turn to operate one of their figures who can do a combination of actions. The game turn then alternates between opponents and the decision on who goes first in each turn is decided by choosing tokens at random from a cup. Individual figures have a number of wounds, and as they lose wounds during the game, this effects a model's ability to carry out tasks, move and use weapons.

Victory conditions relate to objective counters, which are unknown until being discovered by model and can result in positive or negative effects. Each model has a reference card regarding their abilities and special rules and these are also used to keep a record of a model's wounds. They also have a separate card describing their weapon options.

In our game, Dan was very good at using the Dagger Team machine guns to inflict wounds on my Tortured Souls. One of which, Miss Heith, went down early on. The other, Black Death, hung around a little longer, creating packs of rats, but eventually, my inexperience, and Dan's massed dice also brought about his demise. I look forward to future games

Just as an aside, there was also a further Bushido practice game at the club.

Happy wargaming.

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