Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bushido - The Silver Moon Syndicate

The game of Bushido continues to intrigue me. My first purchases for the Silver Moon Syndicate are made and painted (see below). However my custom built gaming board has had to take a back seat and the themed dice tower remains an idea for a later date. I have tried to watch some battle reports on you tube, but it is obvious that this game is still quite niche, and the game mechanics have yet to sink in. I may try and get my first game, or at least a run through of the rules, with someone from the club soon.

Now they are all made and painted I just need to find out what they do!
My recent Infinity purchases have now been completed. These should be sufficient to design my next list up to 400 points.

Ariadna Dog Warriors, Sniper with AP Sniper Rifle and Brigadier Bruant 
Happy wargaming. 


  1. Looking good Mr Rusk, I really like the girl in the hat and the sumo guy. Looking forward to a game against them

    1. Thank you Mike. The the girl in the is actually armed with an umbrella! That will have the opposition running for the hills.