Saturday, 25 February 2017

Teaching N3 - Small Steps. Cautious Movement if you Will.

My crusade to bring Infinity to the masses continues. An open invitation to members of the club lead to my Infinity chum Nathan and myself hosting 6 Infinity newbies. I had brought along three tables worth of terrain (including my new Japanese layout) and a selection of figures for those who didn't have any of their own. Let the teaching beginning.

Above: Setting up terrain before we begin.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

World of Wargaming Adventures - Support your Local Club*

A 40K Kill Team game, and planning the next Space Hulk multi-player event with Dave G, were  my entertainment at a recent club evening. Like most wargaming venues the members drive the clubs fortunes. For us, since Christmas, it has been a little quiet, but the Friday in question was a very pleasant change. 

*I appreciate may wish to insert an alternate word instead. Perhaps 'Store', 'Basement' or 'Garage'.

Above: Many an exciting thing going on.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Winter Invasion 2017 - Day Two

Day two of the Invasion Drop Zone Tournament, and my challenge, to win games four and five, and give me a winning record overall. Piece of cake. Again, as well as gaming, there were lots of chances to chat all things Zone. For instance, I met with Hawk Andrew who will become the companies North American representative in the near future. (All the very best with your exploits Andrew).

Above: A lean green fighting machine.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Winter Invasion 2017 - Day One

And here we are again, to immerse ourselves in All things Drop Zone Commander. With the main focus being on Drop Fleet recently, we now have the opportunity to reinvigorate our love for Hawk's first born, at their two day, five game, winter tournament. I appreciate that other quicker bloggers have given you news and views, and more importantly, results. So, unlike most things appearing on the internet nowadays, I can promise you no spoiler alerts (you can read this without any fear of ruining the viewing of a future movies, TV programmes, box sets etc.)

Above: The gang's all here. From left to right, Joe, Dan (kneeling), myself, Mike, Pete and Ed.