Saturday, 18 February 2017

World of Wargaming Adventures - Support your Local Club*

A 40K Kill Team game, and planning the next Space Hulk multi-player event with Dave G, were  my entertainment at a recent club evening. Like most wargaming venues the members drive the clubs fortunes. For us, since Christmas, it has been a little quiet, but the Friday in question was a very pleasant change. 

*I appreciate may wish to insert an alternate word instead. Perhaps 'Store', 'Basement' or 'Garage'.

Above: Many an exciting thing going on.

To illustrate gaming variety, here is a pictorial record of the evening in question.

Above: Blood Bowl.

Above: Boardgames.

Above: Chain of Command, (a rare, but very welcome, foray into historical wargames).

Above: Drop Fleet Commander, (one of the games was 2000 points on each side!) That's a lot of Scourge.

Above: 40k stalwarts.

Unusually, with the board games on the agenda, there was no games of Drop Zone Commander, or Infinity being played, but these are also usually present. 

If you are interested in coming along to the club (the First Founding Club in Chessington), here are the pertinent details:

Address of the hall:
St. Paul's (hall next to the park/rec - the hall is next to the signs for the Rugby Club. You will almost certainly wrongly go to the church first. The hall is further up the road past the petrol station)
Hook Road
If you do fancy a visit, I recommend you leave a message on the Facebook group and indicate what you would be interested in playing. The club is open most Friday evenings. Times are 7.00pm to 10.30pm. The charge is £3.00 per evening, or free, if it's your first visit. The Facebook link is:

Advertisement over.

On this particular evening I was there with my Space Hulk partner in crime David G. planning our next epic multi-player narrative 40K Kill team game. And here is a teaser drawing for those of you who are/may be taking part:

If you are interested you can leave a comment on Dave's invitation post on the club's Facebook page. We can usually squeeze in 12 or so players. 

Planning over, we took the opportunity to play a 'proper' sized Kill team game. 

Dave's Chaos Space Marines, with a Rhino and Chaos Cultist versus my Iron Hand Scouts. We rolled off the mission Supply Drop.

You could easily describe Kill team as Infinity Light. It certainly has its fair share of dramatic, and silly moments. Individual models take on a personality and a life of their own. For example in this game:

-  surviving the near impossible (Dave's Flamer armed Cultist going to ground and rolling double six to save his skin from two bolter wounds).

- causing your opponent all manner of trouble (My Commander with a Sniper Rifle, rolling sixes to wound for funsies - AP2 is gunna hurt), 

- or being totally useless (My Scout Biker, armed with a grenade launcher - missed three consecutive shots against a group of Cultists, one of whom run over to the biker and bested him in close combat. Brilliant. Although I didn't say that at the time).

Above: Dave deploying his forces. The green markers indicate the six potential objectives across the table. We failed to roll any sixes when checking out the objectives, so the sixth and final one became the focus of our attention.

Above: Chaos forces attempt to overwhelm my right flank.

Above: Cultist shrugging off Bolter gun shots, by laying down in the mud.

Above: Scout Biker about to meet his nemesis. 

Above: The Chaos Commander sitting pretty in his jalopy.

Beginning turn six, and evidence suggested that we were enjoying our game; we forgot that we needed to roll to see if a turn six should take place. 

Above: With his transport destroyed, Dave's Commander fights it out with three of my remain scouts, around the vital objective.

We took a seventh turn, but Dave's Commander couldn't hold out against three opponents, and he finally fell with the few remaining scouts claiming the field and the objective. A brilliant game with moments of humour and disaster. With twists and turns suitable for any action movie. Thank you Dave. 

Have a fun wargaming time.



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    1. Shucks. You're making me blush.

    2. Next time we play a game I'll ask for an autograph. Loudly. Hopefully the embarrassment will put you off your stride and I'll sneak a win.

  2. Another great post, Alex!

    You certainly do have a nice club there. Would be nice to visit. Maybe one of these years when I make it over there for Autumn Invasion I can squeeze in a Friday night at your club, if the missus doesn't mind. ("But, honey, since it's my first time, it'll be free!" That'll get her. LOL...)



  3. Ta JW. A visit would be cool. You could then take OB to task face to face. Only then you will realise how lucky you are to have a whole ocean between us.

  4. Shame you missed mentioning X Wing in your advert :/

    1. My bad. Sorry about that. I even had a picture of the game being played, but left it out of my write-up. Doh!