Friday, 18 November 2016

Octoberfest 2016 - 40K Tournament - Part Two

With a hearty lunch of sandwiches and soup to energise us for the next three games, the competitors prepared themselves for the afternoon's combat.

Above: The usual picture of a room full of expected gamers.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Octoberfest 2016 - 40K Tournament - Part One

October is here and so is the bi-annual 40K tournament at the club. Five rounds of 1000 point goodness for the 18 participants to enjoy. Back in May, at the previous event, I had done reasonably well with my Iron Hands (2 wins, 3 losses). This time I decided to air my Plague Marines, with one of these new fangled formations which seem to very popular at the moment. (My three Hellbrutes could deepstrike as one, but roam the table individually. They always suffered from the Crazed rule, but gained It Will Not Die).Victory points were similar to usual tournaments, but, you scored an extra point for every objective secured by a troop choice. 

Above: 1000 points of Nurgle foulness. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The October Ibuywargames Infinity N3 ITS tourney

The tournaments have come thick and fast recently (the reason for not getting this post out as soon as I would like). I'm off to merry Woking in Surrey where Ian runs Ibuywargames and Keith is hosting a one day three game Infinity ITS event. I hoped that this would at least give me some much needed playing time before the much bigger and scarier Totally Crit 8 event at the end of the month. 10 competitors took to the stage over three rounds. Of those taking part I knew three, brothers Alex and Nick Grey, (usually to be seen playing Drop Zone), and Ziggy, (an occasional N3 player at the club).

Above: I believe that the things hanging from the ceiling are to do with the card game Magic. I can confirm that the one on the left was not as big as it appears. 

I arrived at Woking with my very inexperience vanilla Nomad army. I brought two lists, but ended up using the same one for all three games, which was:

Group One
- Spekter, Combi Rifle
- Moran, Combi Rifle, Forward Observer, (2 Crazy Koalas)
- Moran, Light Shotgun, Forward Observer, (2 Crazy Koalas)
- Tomcat, Engineer
- Tomcat, Doctor
- Interventor, Lieutenant
- Alguacil, HMG
- Alguacil, Combi Rifle
- Alguacil, Combi Rifle
- Alguacil, Combi Rifle

Group Two
- Meteor Zond
- Reaktion Zond
- Reaction Zond
- Lunokod (2 Crazy Koalas)
- Salyut

Yes, six crazy koalas, but, I was still coming to terms on how they worked, so I used them poorly during the day by either placing them wrongly or having their handlers killed before activating to the wait mode.