Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Pilgrimage to Nottingham

Its been a over a year since I last went to Warhammer World, the Nottingham Headquarters of Gamesworkshop. Since then they have had a revamp to make it more of a visitors and gamers venue. The gaming area has been reduced, but the figure hall has been increased hugely and they now have a three new shops devoted to GW games and figures, Forge World and Black Library. Dave and I went along to take look, to play a game and to make some purchases. The 9.30 train from London St.Pancras took just shy of 2 hours to get to Nottingham and a walk along the canal took us to our goal.

Above: The parking style is a little to be desired, but then again who is going to argue if you take up two spaces!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Zone Mortalis - Kill Team - The Big LIttle Game Two

Following the success of our fist massed kill team game at the club Dave G. and myself decided to run a second big little game, this time based on some space hulk/zone mortal terrain I had built. A general invite was issued on the club's Facebook page and on the evening eight players plus Dave and myself took part. We had reduced the number of points available for each player and disallowed vehicles for this game.

Above: Generals make their plans.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

A DZC Tournament Report - PHR Working in Woking

A trip to Working, Surrey took me to a one day, three game, 1500 point Drop Zone Commander tournament run by Ian C. at the Woking First Founding Club. One of the event sponsors was ibuywargames in Woking ( and Ian S. Had some very good deals on offer for those taking part in the tournament. The day also featured an X-Wing tournament.

Above: My Post Human Republic Army ready for game one, apparently fuelled by Ribena.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Totally Crit 3rd Open - A 400 Point Infinity Tournament

Following on from meeting my old friend Chris P. at the gaming convention in Birmingham I arranged to attend the Totally Crit ( Infinity tournament at their club, High Brooms Working Men's Club in Royal Tunbridge Wells on 1st August. John B. was running the ITS event, who I had the pleasure of playing in Birmingham. The three games will be my first experience of playing 400 point Infinity games. Daunting stuff!
Preparations before game one.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Kill Team - the big little game

Dave G and myself have had a few practice games now of Kill Team and these have been a good laugh. So, we decided to open the floodgates and invite other like minded 40Kers to join us. A Facebook invite was sent out to the club members.