Sunday, 2 August 2015

Kill Team - the big little game

Dave G and myself have had a few practice games now of Kill Team and these have been a good laugh. So, we decided to open the floodgates and invite other like minded 40Kers to join us. A Facebook invite was sent out to the club members.

Much to our surprise the number of competitors totalled ten:
- Callum - Necrons
- David - Space Marines, Iron Hands
- Alex - Space Marines, Imperial Fists
- Jeff - Space Marines, Space Wolves
- Richard - Eldar
- Daniel - Space Marines, Dark Angels
- Neil - Eldar
- Dave R - Chaos Space Marines, Nurgle
- And, Dave G with his Chaos Space Marines, Khorne flavour, and finally me with my trusty Iron Hands.

The army composition rules were:
- 500 points
- 200 points must be spent on troops
- No model can have over 3 wounds
- Vehicles cannot exceed 33 points worth of armour (front + side + rear)
- A maximum psychic level of 2
- A maximum of 1 HQ choice

The game rules were:
- We had a six foot by eight foot table
- We played the relic game (the relic was place on the top of the Macro Cannon turret)
- If you decided to cast psychic powers the player to your left decided what to do with the dispelling dice
- A player was allocated a random Warlord as his Warlord target
- The relic was worth eight victory points
- Killing your Warlord target achieved five victory points
- And you gained 1 victory point for each 5 enemy killed. Vehicles were treated as one model no matter how many hull points they had.
The great expanse of the table
We only had three hours to play, and with each player taking a full turn, we knew that achieving at least five turns was most unlikely. There were a large number of unknowns on how the game might work so we did reminded players at the start that it was to be very much a fun game and things may have to decided on the hoof. The fabled 'social contract' had to be adhered to.

The game started with your army being very close to that of your two neighbours. It became clear early on that you had some important choices; do you focus on getting the relic and killing your allocated warlord (if he was close enough), do you attack your neighbours or do you risk ignoring them.

My Scouts make their ill-fated attempt to capture the relic

With ten players, and the difficulty in trying to keep up with all the game events, my particular memories of the game are as follows:
- Jeff only had a small number of figures. His army consisted of a mighty six models and not surprisingly this little, but perfectly formed force, soon melted away.
- Neil was I think the only player to successfully kill his Warlord target (Jeff).
- Daniel and Dave R from very early on directed their attention against each other.
- David and Callum decided on a different approach and ran towards the relic totally ignoring the possibility of scoring points off each other.
- I sent my Scouts in their Land Raider Storms forwards, and although they got to the relic first the incoming fire caused their departure from the game.
- Dave G was the next to arrive at the relic in his Rhinos, but again his Khorn Marines couldn't hold out long enough to escape with the prize.
- Alex was very brave to agree to take part as he had only played two 40K games before this.
- Richard, after destroying Jeff's remaining Space Wolves, then fell foul of a civil war between himself and Neil.

Above: Late game dash for the relic

We all had three turns before we had to call time on the game, and although no one had been able to hold onto the relic, what with him being able to kill his Warlord target, and kill a large number of models, Neil was declared the winner of our big little game.

Players standing up, must be getting close to the end game 

All taking part agreed that the game was quite a laugh and that we should have another go at massed Kill Team games very soon. Another thing which was particular pleasing was this game brought a number of club members together who may have not otherwise played.

Happy wargaming.

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