Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Pilgrimage to Nottingham

Its been a over a year since I last went to Warhammer World, the Nottingham Headquarters of Gamesworkshop. Since then they have had a revamp to make it more of a visitors and gamers venue. The gaming area has been reduced, but the figure hall has been increased hugely and they now have a three new shops devoted to GW games and figures, Forge World and Black Library. Dave and I went along to take look, to play a game and to make some purchases. The 9.30 train from London St.Pancras took just shy of 2 hours to get to Nottingham and a walk along the canal took us to our goal.

Above: The parking style is a little to be desired, but then again who is going to argue if you take up two spaces!

The Forgeworld shop was our first stop. They have a large range of their produce on show, and if what you want is not on the shelves, they can order it in from across the road, and as long as you ask them early enough, and you plan to stay at the venue for sometime, they will have it ready before you leave. 

Above: the Warlord dwarfs all around it. I'll take two please!

Next came our trip around the figure halls and it is well worth the money (£7.50 for an adult). They have the same range of brilliantly painted figures on show as before, but now they have greatly increased the spectacle by adding some huge dioramas. Below are some of my pictures.

Above: A proper Warhammer siege.

Above: River Trolls - A personal favourite.

Above: Nurgle goes to war.

Above: Poor old Ferrus about to lose his head.

Above: Ork Town. I wonder if the buses run on time?

Above: Now that's what I call a parade!

Above: A siege, 40K style.

Above: Apparently it is possible to make a Warlord Titan look small!

Above: The Warlord looks even better fully painted.

After that we went to Bugman's Bar for some food and drink. The food is good and lined our stomachs before our afternoon game. If you do intend to go and visit, especially on a weekend, I recommend that you reserve a table if you also intend to play a game. We had ours booked from 2.30 that afternoon. It was a standard table and included terrain. Themed tables are also available for booking, some are bigger than the usual six by four, and include some stunning terrain, and would easily fit four or six players. Bring forth the apocalypse!

Above: A lovely themed table.

After our game we went and collected our Forge World pieces and David had another wander around the figure halls. All in all we had a very enjoyable day. Certainly, if you intend to play a game, a visit is easily a days entertainment, although the wallet does feel the strain with Forge World only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Happy wargaming.

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