Sunday, 16 August 2015

A DZC Tournament Report - PHR Working in Woking

A trip to Working, Surrey took me to a one day, three game, 1500 point Drop Zone Commander tournament run by Ian C. at the Woking First Founding Club. One of the event sponsors was ibuywargames in Woking ( and Ian S. Had some very good deals on offer for those taking part in the tournament. The day also featured an X-Wing tournament.

Above: My Post Human Republic Army ready for game one, apparently fuelled by Ribena.

Above: The X-Wing tournament about to begin (just imagine this picture with the Mos Eisley Cantina Music playing in the background).

Above: In complete contrast the DZC Commander room - peace and serenity.

Game one (Recon) pitted me against Dace C. and his Resistance forces. A very close win for me in which it was a small number of clutch dice rolls luckily fell my way when we searched buildings.

Above: Game 1, everyone frantically searching.

We all broke for lunch, and I took the opportunity to visit Ibuywargames. A couple of purchases really pleased me, Angel Giraldez' brilliant painting masterclass book, the Infinity Classified Objective Deck and a starter box of Scouge (for my next DZC army).

Game two (Take and Extract) brought me my second Resistance opponent of the day, Robert J. We both managed to get our two objectives off the table early on and the rest of the game was spent by the armies positioning themselves for a last turn focal point grab. Two monorail command cards allowed me to arrange Immortals and Sirens to occupy a building within six inches of the focal point and I had a second win.

Above: Game 2, start of turn six. Focal point in foreground. On your marks. Get set. Go!

Game three (Ground Control) versus Hawk Wargames own James B. and his choice of PHR. Scary stuff, but with two wins in two games what did I expect? In the circumstances, and not surprisingly I got my arse handed to me in a tin bucket. James was very kind despite the one-sided nature of the game. His army did have the right tools for this mission, whereas my army wandered around looking like lost sheep.

Above: The podium occupiers with their goodies.

My two wins earnt me 7th place, James achieved third place and, from the Orbital Bombardment podcast, Joe and Mike came first and second respectively. I enjoyed all three of my games and my opponents were all good sports.

Happy wargaming.


  1. Don't think James will be happy with his demotion to 3rd!!
    It was Joe, James then Me and 1 point between the 3 of us!
    Glad you had a good time.

    1. Oops. I guess the demolition James inflicted on me caused a Freudian slip and I demoted him one place down the order. It can be the only answer!