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Space Hulk - The Little Big Game Continues - I robot!

David G and myself yet again decided to throw ourselves at the mercy of expectant gamers and run another multi-player 40K game themed around the exploration of a derelict space hulk. The Zombies have taken a break, but we have added a command robot, sentry robots and crates to collect for everyone's amusement.

Above: Our eight intrepid commanders unaware what is in store.

The Story so Far
Space Hulk CST6012 has drifted out of the warp much to the interest of the Imperium and a number of xeno races. The reason for this interest; amongst the ships which have come together to form the vast hulk was the Adeptus Mechanicus ship Deep Solitude. Deep Solitude led an expedition to seek out long lost Imperial technology and any number of interesting alien artefacts for further investigation. So, when the ship reappeared after millennia compacted amongst dozens of other supposedly lost vessels, broadcasting a distress signal, it wasn't 'help' everyone heard, but, 'Roll up. Roll up. Great opportunities for the discerning scavenger.'
Initial forays into the hulk had revealed nothing of much worth, but the hiding places of Zombie cults. These had been effectively dealt with and so the various factions, some of which had built up some uneasy alliances, now moved further into the cold and dark recesses of the vessel.

Above: The central room containing robots and relics.

Special Rules
Army Composition
- 250 points maximum.
- No vehicles, monstrous creatures or flyers.
- Models can have a maximum of 2 wounds.
- 1 special or heavy weapon per 5 troops.
- 1 dreadnought or walker can be taken up to 150 points.
- At least 75 points must be spent on troops.

Above: A clash of tape measures between the Space Marine players. A worried Pete looks on.

The rules for the 'special' rooms have changed a little since we last played and are now placed differently from previous games. They now occupy the far corners of the six by six playing area. Should a player have a model occupying a special room they grant that player's faction (but not his team) the following special rules:
- The Armoury grants the twin-linked rule to all shooting attacks (not close combat attacks).
- The Medic Laboratory grants a +5 feel no pain rule.
- NEW RULE - The Communications Room grants a +1 to any roll to control a robot.
- The Teleporter Room works as before; Any model moving onto a teleporter pad in the teleporter room can disembark  3 inches onto any other teleporter pad on the table. If a model moved onto a single teleporter pad, not in the teleporter room, they can move onto the next teleporter pad nearest to the one which they had just embarked. 
NEW RULE - Three models in base to base with a single teleporter pad will stop that pad from operating.
(During this game I seemed to allow charging into close combat in the same turn that a model used a teleporter. I think this was probably a little too over powered. I will change this for next time).

Above: The massive Command Robot leaves the central room.

Above: Michael's Sentinel takes on, and will eventually beat, a Sentry Robot in close combat.
- Robots all begin the game in the central room. Their are two versions
Sentry Robots x4 - Move 12 inches, WS 3, BS 4, T 5, W 2, A 1, I 4, Ld 10*, 3+ Save, Weapon - x2 Heavy Bolters, which are allowed to shoot at different targets. Special rule - each of the two Heavy Bolters can target separate targets.
(During the game it was agreed that the Sentry Robots weaponry was too potent. Perhaps next time we will go with two Storm Bolters, being able to allocate each shot to a different target if you wish. Something else with this. The allocation of shots has to be declared before you roll any dice).
Command Robot x1 - Move 6 inches, WS 4, BS 4, T 8, W 5, A 3, I 4, Ld 10*, 3+ inv. save, Weapons - Assault Cannon. Special rule - each of the four shots can target separate targets.
*Robots are fearless.
- Controlling a robot. A player must have model in base to base contact with a control console anywhere on the table at any point of the movement phase. The player nominates which robot he wishes to control. If it is already controlled by an enemy player then the two players dice off. Otherwise, the nominated robot is controlled immediately and can move in that movement phase. The controlling model can no longer move, shoot, or assault, if it does, it gives up control of the robot immediately.
- You receive +1 for the robot dice off if the player has a model in the Communication Room.
You receive +1 for the robot dice off if the player has any additional models in contact with other consoles.
- Once the controlling model takes control off their particular robot, it can move immediately move, shoot, and assault as usual.
- Robots cannot harm other robots.
- Only one robot can be controlled from one control consol.

Above: The Slaughterkin arrive at the central room in strength.

- There are four relic/crates placed within the two by two central room. 
- They operate as relics do in the standard 40K rule book.
- Crates cannot be handed off to friendly models.

Above: Neil's poor Orks took quite a beating. Neil's Dread tries to protect his final infantry model from Necron attention. 

Square of Despair
At the beginning of each turn, starting on turn 2, a number of squares on the board equivalent to the turn number, are randomly chosen, and for any models that are on that square the following should be done:
1. Roll a D6 for each model. On the roll of a one that model mistake an armour save, and if failed, will suffer a wound. Feel No Pain rolls can be taken.
2. For walkers, a roll of a one will result in a glancing hit. 
3. For robots, a roll of a one will result in a wound, with no saving throws allowed. 
(In the photographs attached to this article you may notice numbered markers on each square of the board.  For example, below is square 32 with some of Neil's Orks on their way to the Communications Room). I also had 36 similarly numbered markers in a bag to randomly draw from).

Above: Having originally left the central room empty handed, the Command Robot walks back in, this time, remembering to pick up a relic.

Special last turn rule
The team that wins the roll off for going first in the last turn can, if they wish, decide to go last in the turn.
- 1 point for each enemy model killed.
- 5 points for each enemy Warlord killed.
- 5 points for each crate held on the playing area at the end of the game.
- 10 points for each crate removed from the playing service (the model carrying it, cannot return to the game).
- 10 points for controlling the Command Robot at the end of the game.
- 5 points for controlling each Sentry Robot at the end of the game.

Above: 'None shall pass'. Neil's Dread sees out the game defending the Communication Room.

The Game
Here we are again. Friday night down the club for a rip roaring game of Space Hulk Kill Team Multi-player. No zombies this time around (so Dave G could participate for a change), but instead, robots. Eight players took part and I acted as 'Dungeon Master'. 

Above: The Command Robot returned to the central room to pick up a relic.
We had the six by six board set up. Teams of two players starting on each board edge. The teams were as follows; Neil (Orks) with Pete (Nids), Michael (Imperial Guard) with David P (Necrons), Dave G and Dave R (both with Slaughterkin), and Alex and Nathan (Space Marines).

Above: The Slaughterkin Dreadnought leaves the central room dragging a relic behind it.
With so many different ways of scoring points the teams had some interesting choices to make, be it robot ownership, relic possession or just knocking lumps out of your opponents. It was fun to see how players decided what to do. Especially when they were struck by the realisation that robots could pick up relics. 
We got through six turns, and by the end of hostilities it was Alex and Nathan who came out ahead with 53 points. There was a tie for second between Neil and Pete, and Michael and David P, both with 39 points. Dave G and Dave R came forth with 25 points.

Above: Alex and Nathan plotting their eventual win.
As always, thanks to everyone for their participation.
Happy wargaming to you all.

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