Wednesday, 16 August 2017

40K 8th Edition - First Impressions

Thanks to my wargaming chum, Dave G. I finally got round to my first full game of 40K 8th edition. Apart from the odd game of Killteam, 40K in its 7th version, disappeared from my wargaming radar. The diary clash back in May between our club's own 40K tournament and a nearby Infinity ITS event was no contest for me. I had put up a metaphorical sign up against GW's flagship game; 'no fun to be had here'.

Above: Dave setting up.

With much rumpus 8th edition crashed into Mrs Haversham's 7th edition front room, pulling the dusty curtains from their rails to let the light penetrate the grim dark corners (especially the nooks and grannies containing allies, formations and Death Stars). There is still a hard core of 40K gamers at the club, and the noises I heard about the new rule set was positive. So plunge I did, and Mr G. took me through the basics, in a 1000 point Battalion game.

Above: My very nippy skimmers scoot towards the enemy forces.

Above: From their penthouse, snipers snipe.

I had purchase some Harlequins when they recently reappeared from the web-way, and having heard that things don't die as quickly under the new rule set (Space Clowns now have a very welcome 4+ invulnerable save), I decided to pull on a pair of my finest chequered strides for this introduction game. 

Dave used his Adeptus Mechanicum, and we randomly chose cards from a deck to decide on table set up and mission. Not sure what the deployment was called, but I pushed my skimmers as far forward as possible. The missioned concerned causing the death of secretly nominated couriers, who could not be our warlord. If your courier died, you secretly nominate a replacement. The player to kill the most couriers wins. 

Above: A Troupe, having had their transport shot out from beneath them, hop, skip and jump further forward.

Above: A new thing; vehicles being able to fight back in close combat. (The guy famously sitting in the turret hatch of a Baneblade swinging a power sword, has finally been written into the rules. Well done him!)

Above: The Solitaire about to ruin someone's day. (He has managed to obtain a 3+ invulnerable save, and with additional special rules, and sexy pieces of equipment, he is a very scary proposition)

Above: Deathjester and Sniper (at this point in the game, both the armies second couriers) 'negotiate' over the ownership of the tower. The DJ would win, but then fall foul to vehicle fire. (With all of the Harlequin models, I threw them immediately into close combat as soon as I could. Little did I know, that with no dedicated piece of close combat equipment, the DJ struggles to fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Sniping at characters is his schtick, but he is one trick pony). 

Above: The game ends with the two Warlords failing to decide who will take the plaudits.

The game ended in a two all draw. The game was really good fun. First impressions; vehicles stick around for longer in the game, but conversely, more weapons can hurt them, which I thought was balanced well. Troops are removed from the table quickly, but characters are also more resilient, which I thought was very appealing as heroes are left fighting whilst the squishier troops lay down for a well earned rest. Our game reminded me of the feel of Kill Team in the last edition, so no bad thing there. Well done GW.

The Harlequins will return to the queue for my painting attentions. I will certainly be playing 40K again. 

As always, continue to have epic battles.



  1. I like the write up. I certainly think 40k has got fluffier. How did you find the troupe masters?

    If you are ever looking for a game give me a shout! I'd love to play you're clowns.

    1. I took two TMs. I gave them power swords, but they struggled against the tougher hide and more potent armour of Dave's HQ choices. I should have given them Fusion pistols so that their shots in close combat would have helped. Infinity will probably be my go to game for a while as we begin the Escalation league in September. But after that, sure thing.

    2. Ah that's interesting. The TM's look effective for their price, though I agree fusion pistols is a must now they can shoot in combat. Remember that can shoot out of the transport if that's in combat, as you say vehicles stick about a bit longer.
      Infinity always looks good, but I've not got my head around it yet!

  2. A great report, I look forward to dragging my own asthmatic ant into gear to play a game soon!

  3. Glad to hear it!

    I got so fed up with 40K that I didn't even buy 7th Edition. I haven't played a game of 8th yet, but I've got the game and I do intend to!