Sunday, 9 July 2017

GamesExpo Day 4 - To boldly go.

The final GamesExpo day arrived all to quickly. However, the four of us had signed up for the spaceship bridge simulator, and were excitedly intrigued as to what was in store.

Above: A morning's game of Tiny Epic Western whilst we awaited our trip to the stars.

We have already discussed our spaceship experience on the podcast ( It was great fun once you got your bearings on how your console worked. Being bombarded with information and deciding what needed to be passed onto the Captain was my challenge as the Communications Officer. We plan to get tickets for this experience next year. Once we had finished shooting up the galaxy (and crashing into asteroids), we made our way back to the main hall at the NEC to catch up on anything else we had missed. On our way we had to undergo a security check:

Above: Mike fearing an imperial assault.

Above: Joe works his magic. 'These are not the gamers you are looking for'. 

Above: A car wars race game.

Above: The terrific Hawk Drop Fleet Commander winning entry for building a space station. There be space.

Above: The construction yard following a day's space station imagining. Even in such a large hall, this pile of spures should have included a public health warning. The smell of glue coming from the table was extraordinary.

Above: My big purchase over the weekend, a stunning 4 by 4 mat from Deep Cut Studios. Ideal for a Space Hulk gaming.

And that was just about that. Some last goodbyes to the Hawk guys and we were outa there. We all had a smashing time and thanks going out to all those involved in running such a brilliantly huge event. We played countless enjoyable games over the four days (I have lost the final scorings regarding our face to face to face to face results, but Joe finished first, Mike second, Ed third, and they reserved fourth for me). Roll on next year.

Critical Engagement - Final Preparation

By the time you read this Critical Engagement has probably begun/finished. The final week of preparation, for me, involved some finishing touches to the specially built terrain, a couple of practice games, and the construction of dice trays. The trays (red and green) are required for the table which we intend to film on the day. Some foam core, coloured card and cut-outs of the OB logo, gave me a fairly reasonable result.

Above: Mike and I testing his 'odd man' Scourge list (designed by Dan) which, on the day, will feature at least 20 Prowlers (no fun, if the majority of your force is in hovercrafts - although I did manage to remove eight of the creepy crawlies with one Thunder Wagon rocket).

Above: Ed and myself testing the rock spires terrain.

Above: At the same time Joe and Mike were Infinitying.

Above: The aforementioned dice trays.

If you are coming along to the event it will be a pleasure to see you.



  1. Good stuff as always Alex. The terrain looked really rather spiffy at Critty E yesterday.

  2. Thanks Bry. Yes, I got some very good feedback.

  3. Those dice trays are properly epic. Much love Mr R, I will be using mine a lot!!

    1. Good stuff. Perhaps OB Wannabe dice trays for the winners next year?