Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nomads - Beginning a New Infinity Army

As long as I have been aware of Infinity I have used Ariadna as my faction of choice. For a long time I stuck with the contents of their starter box. I enjoyed using Scouts, Tank Hunters and the odd Dog Warrior. Recently, I have enjoyed the link team novelty of the USAriadna. But now I have decided to change out of combat fatigues into something more colourful and close fitting; What is that I see travelling towards me? Bring forth the Nomads.

Above: Wherever I lay my armour four hat is my home (Mobile Brigadas). Painting is still ongoing, but I have chosen a dark red as a base for all the models.

Why Nomads? My choice is based on a number of factors:

- Technology is cool.
- Tags are cool.
- Hacking is cool
- TAGs are big and cool
- Bow ties are cool (Oops. Sorry. That's something entirely different).
- I have been buying the odd box set here and there and squirrelling them away for a rainy day. 
- I like their aesthetic and back story.
- just recently Ed's Aleph have been walloping my guys with all their technological goodness. If you can't beat them, join them.

The question is what to put in the list. My initial ideas concern a Corregidor list with a number of AD Parachutists, some Alguaciles for orders and point defence, and perhaps a total reaction bot and two Geckos (now available as a fire team duo) as a solid core. 

Above: TAGtastic

The Birmingham Games Expo is not far off. I don't think I will have enough time to learn the Nomad army in time so I will keep to the USAriadna army for the time being.

Above: Surprise! The gate crashing Tomcats and Hellcats.

Above: And just for more AD Combat Jump goodness, Meteor Zonds. [Yes, I know you can only have one, but I like the model, and I will proxy them as Reaktion Zonds in other games].

(I have been happily using CB's Army Builder Five on my IPad. Army Builder Six has lots of bells and whistles, but my IPad isn't enjoying the experience as much. I don't seem able to scroll down the full length of the model options (weird). I can solve this by using the filter option to reduce the length of this to within the parameters of the screen. No big problem. Unfortunately I also cannot scroll down the full length of my chosen list (weirder and weirder). I get as far as 13 or so models and cannot view anything further down than that. The forums seem to show that fixes are being made as time goes by, so patience is required. But worst of all, I have no print option (Belgium man! Belgium!). But fortunately my brother's laptop does have the print options - Hooray).

Above: Apparently hair products are a big thing in space.

I am now the proud owner of Human Sphere - oh happy days. Lots to read and understand - An Infinity player's dream - more special rules.

Happy wargaming to you all.

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