Saturday, 28 May 2016

Recent GB Games - Enjoyment comes in many forms. Thankfully.

When I started this blog I knew that it was probably a dangerous enterprise; in that, I lose the majority of the games I play, and I am prone to the odd silly error or two (dozen), and would need to write about them, reliving my mistakes and looking like a twit. Fortunately, you, my readers have so far been very kind. Only on one occasion, in comments made on another site, someone said I made a silly mistake. (On this occasion for not using a command token to reduce an opponent's order pool in a game of Infinity N3). 

I am not going to disagree. That kind of mistake is daft. And I will not deny that I don't tell you about all my games, especially those where I am so lame brained that I feel as sick as a parrot afterwards. 

An example of this was a recent Guild Ball league game between Mike's Engineers and my Fishermen. Mike won the initiative and chose to receive. He collected the ball and gave it to Velocity. I activated Kraken and decided to attempt a harpoon attack on the ball carrier. But stupidly I had forgotten about another player's abilities. Fangtooth was stood next to Velocity, and once Kraken approached within 6 inches of the big guy, he, being within 4 inches of Mike's goal, got a free charge. Kraken was knocked down, lost all of his remaining influence, and from this prone and isolated position received two turns of Mike's attention. And despite having 20 health points and tough hide he was taken out of the game in turn two. I never recovered from this, and I went onto lose the game 14 to 4. (Shoulders sag. Alex wears 'that' face).

Above: Mike enjoying his pre-match meal.

Above: Kraken forward of the rest of the team, knocked down, and rightly concerned about his exposed position.

Fortunately we have an interest where winning is not the only positive to be gained (thank the wargaming gods for that). We can get our enjoyment in other ways. Fortunately, the social element, the creative element and the pleasure of seeing people enjoy something you have created, allow us to get more than just victories from our hobby.

As mentioned above we have begun a Guild Ball league at the club. Matt has taken the lead and has kindly decided to organise us. Herding cats anyone?

Above: Just before the start of the season opener.

In my first GB league game I was pitted against Joe's (token rich) Alchemists. Playing Alchemists is an exercise in using all your hard earned momentum tokens to remove conditions from all your players. Bleeding, poisoned and on fire are regular companions, in addition to the large number of 3 inch area-of-effects that spring up all over the place. Joe secured a 12 to 6 win. 

Above: Joe, about to tell me something about Smoke. I dread to think.

Above: Joe's extraordinary method of determining where an area-of-effect lands. 

In the league games you have to stick to having the same Captain. I am using Corsair due to his resilience, but I wonder if the extra offence Shark brings is a better option. Using Shark I was averaging 8 points per game. Maybe a little more experience with the 'peg legged one' will bear some higher scores eventually.

last Friday night, and I went along to club with no game arranged, but fortunately Clive arrived looking to play a pick up game with his Hunters. He had to leave early, but it gave me a chance to face the newest team in the game. Hunters are able to slow opponents down with the snared condition, and I found my team stuck in the centre of the table. Not a good thing for the usually mobile Fishermen. By the time Clive had to leave he was two nil up, and many of my team were worse for wear, but the game couldn't be recorded as a league result, so went down as a learning exercise.

Above: Clive placing Theron's mobile forest. 

Above: The busy table centre.

With still time left in the evening, I got lucky again, as Adrian was looking for a league game with his Butchers. Another team I had never played, so no bad thing. Having learnt from my game against Clive, I decided to try and avoid trouble and not get drawn into a bloody fight in the centre of the table. This worked out quite well, I took a 4 nil lead with a goal from Greyscales, but then the Butchers began to find their range. 

Above: Instruction to my team, 'spread out everyone'.

Question: How good is Fillet? Answer: literally, bloody amazing. 9 inch run, with an extra 2 inches possible, plus lots of bleed conditions to throw around, a defence of 5+, no armour, but 16 wounds. One of those models that make you consider purchasing a second team. The Butchers won the game 12 to 4, but it was good to see another team in action. Well played to Adrian. 

Three games in the league played. Ok so no wins, but I really enjoy playing the game, and it is clear, from talking to all those around me on Friday night, there is a great deal of buzz for this game. 

Happy wargaming to you all.


  1. Corsair has his strengths Alex, you need to beat people into the dirt with him and Kraken more, I think you'll find more joy. Fillet is dutty bitch, she's also making me consider Brewers too.

    One last thing, Compound would have made the counter-charge in the game against Mike's Engineers not Fangtooth. FT with counter-charge is a thing of nightmares.

    1. Thanks Dan for the correction. Well done the Dons.

  2. To be perfectly honest, Hoist picked up the ball and passed to Colossus, Kraken attempted to Harpoon Colossus and Compound charged Kraken with his rush goalie ability and knocked him on his fat arse. Then everyone had a field day with the Kraken momentum vending machine until he was dead

    1. Thanks Mike for visiting the Blog and giving the view from the Engineer side of the pitch.