Sunday, 8 January 2017

Nomads - I never had this problem playing Ariadna.

Infinity N3 continues a pace. Mike and Dan continue on their learning curve. You may hear from them personally in the future about their fun and games with JSA and Tohaa respectively. The Infinity N3 infection of Orbital Bombardment spreads as I am due to show Joe the ropes at a forthcoming club night.

Above: Rarely seen together at the club together, all of OB, from left to right, Ed, Joe, Dan, Pete, Mike, and myself (the OB eye candy), off camera. 

The large number games I have crammed in recently has allowed me to better understand my Nomads, and although I appreciate players out there in the big wargaming world might say, 'yes, well of course?', for me, I need to play enough games so that things begin to happen instinctively rather than as a result of actual thinking.

Recently, I have nailed down the use of Smoke and White Noise. It's all well and good knowing what the strategy is, but until you put it into practice, it's not worth a bean. 

Above: Mike playing Ed, but apparently neither is willing to trust the other to measure a range correctly.

Another change I have noticed in my play is a better appreciation of my order resource, and much like planning in a chess game, visualising what you can achieve with what orders you have available. A benefit of rarely changing my standard 300 point list is being less likely to confuse models and their combat groups. I am not cocky enough to think I am likely to win more games, but I am feeling more confident in my understanding of what's going on. 

Above: A happier Ed in the world you could not find.

My current 300 list is as follows:

Group One - 8 regular orders
Moran (Forward Observer) - Combi Rifle and two Crazy Koalas
Intruder - Multispectral Visor, X-Visor, Multi Sniper Rifle
Tomcat (Engineer)
Zero (Forward Observer)
Tomcat (Doctor)
Jaguar - Chain Rifle, Smoke
Riot Grrl - Spitfire
Interventor - (Hacker, Lietenant), 1 Fast Panda

Group Two - 5 regular orders
Transduction Zone - Repeater
Alguacil - Combi Rifle
Stempler Zond (Forward Observer) - Combi Rifle
Spektr - Multi Sniper Rifle
Grenzer (Forward Observer) - Combi Rifle

In my recent games I begun to realise this list has a flaw; a limited number of orders. 14 orders, plus the lieutenant's, I have learnt, is not enough. With both the Tomcats off table and the choice on whether to set up the Spektr in hidden deployment, potentially reduces the orders down to 11. And to make matters worse, if I go first, my opponent will take two more away with a Command Token. Playing with Nomads has given me a new respect for the humble order counter (I never had this problem playing Ariadna).

Above: In a very dark recess is the HVT. It will take some winkling out.

The Grenzer is currently my least used model. I wanted to try out his Sensor, but with the Spektr and the Jaguar/Intruder combo taking more than their fair share of orders, the Grenzer rarely gets a look in. 

Above: Mike pays close attention to the objectives in a Highly Classified mission.

This is also the problem for the Riot Grrl. At 34 points and 2 SWC she is a very costly luxury. But she is pretty robust and the Spitfire gives her a weapon suitable for Rambo'ing up the table late game once the enemies snipers have been dealt with. She won me a game a while ago, and I have not been able to drop her since. When I look at her 34 points and see it as three Jaguars or three Alguacils (and two extra orders) I must admit to having considerable doubts about keeping her going forward.

January has a couple of events coming up; a 400 point, 3 game, 1 day Infinity ITS event at Ibuywargames in Woking, and nearer the end of the month, Invasion for Drop Zone Commander. I will endeavour to report on the goings on.

As always I wish you all a happy wargaming week.



  1. Great stuff as always even if I don't understand a lot of the InfiniLingo.

    I hope you don't mind Alex, but I've take the liberty of linking to your blog from my very own shiny new blog (in part inspired by your efforts!)

    1. Good to be in the blogging vanguard. Very happy to be linked. All the very best with your blogging efforts, I shall make visits.