Monday, 30 January 2017

DZC - Back in the Zone - Invasion prep.

Invasion flys around again and my focus turns towards the premier Drop Zone Commander tournament. With my many games of Infinity recently, opportunities to play DZC have been few and far between. However, Mike did offer me the chance of a practice game a couple of days before the event.

Above: That's not Scourge? 

Even with the recent FAQ, Scourge are still a pretty good proposition. Yes the Overseer has been reigned in, (less shots and more points), but it's force multiplying abilities make the faction top of many people's lists. But, I fancy a change, so I have returned to the Resistance for this tournament.

I asked Mike to write me a list, his only condition, I must take the Thunderstorm as my HQ, and  my only condition, not to bother with much of a Commander, so I can have more guns. The list was:

Warlord HQ: Thunderstorm (level 2 Senior), 3 Typhoons.

Vehicle Detachment: 3 Gun Wagons, Kraken.

Vehicle Detachment: 3 Gun Wagons, Kraken.

Resistance Band: 3 units of x2 Fighters, 3 Jacksons, Lifthawk.

Rusted Fist: 2 Zhukovs, 2 Mehmed, 2 Lifthawks.

Infiltrators: 1 unit of x2 Freeriders, 1 unit of x2 Marine Force Recon, Raven A/S.

I don't have the Typhoon models, but I am using Cyclones instead, (not much of a leap of the imagination). Marine Force Recon are newbies to me since I last played Resi. I have five troop units for searching, but, apart from the Marines, I don't think I will be looking for close combat anytime soon. Scourge Eviserators and Destroyers really, really, scare me. The HQ battlegroup packs a massive punch, but I must avoid flying the Typhoons too close to the enemy. Their ability to ruin buildings has been well documented, and what with the Mehmeds I am hoping to make my opponents choice of buildings a painful one.

In my only practice game before Invasion I took on Mike with his UCM and we played the Crucible mission. Here are some pictures from the game.

Above: Two things to note here, first, the partially completed scatter terrain that I am working on for the Orbital Bombardment's very own Critical Engagement tournament due later in the year. And secondly, the OB marker marks the centre of the 4x4 mat, (if I was designing a battle mat, perhaps I would have made the centre of the walled garden the centre of the playing surface). 

Above: In the initial turn I took up residence in the building containing my home objective. Unfortunately, I had to leave before I could find the valuable objective. 

Above: Overview of the early game. The objective holding buildings all show signs of damage (the knitting needle counters recording damage).

Above: Mike's Bear troop transport makes a dash for the critical objective and scores at the end of turn two.

Above: Congestion in the centre of the table, mid game.

Above: let's play spot the difference between this picture and the one above? No clues. 

Above: Archangels appear to take down the troublesome Typhoons.

The result of the game was a victory to Mike, 9 to 2, but that's not important. (You are correct, I would say that). However, The practice game did reminded me how much I enjoyed Zone. I hope my lack of practice doesn't bite me during the event. At the time of writing the January Invasion has just ended. My write-up of the goings-on will appear in later blogs. Stay tuned.

As always, enjoy your wargaming.



  1. Nice. Thanks, Alex! I hope you enjoyed Invasion. One of these years, I'll get there!... 8^D

  2. BTW, keep playing vs Mike (and Joe, and Dan, and Ed.). Back in my 40K days, one of my best friends was a nationally ranked player (he moved away, and became an internationally ranked X-Wing and SW Armada player -- Ha!). Anyway, I would play him every chance I got, and got my ass handed to me routinely. (The one or two times I did manage to beat him, he was very flustered! Again, I say, Ha!) So what we did was set goals for me -- try to get to Turn 4 without getting tabled, then Turn 5, then Turn 6, then lose by one fewer VP than the time(s) before -- that sort of thing. (Have we had this discussion already? Sorry if I'm being redundant...). So, when I played other people, it was much easier to win vs them than it had been before I started taking "lessons" from my friend, John.

    That translated into me just being a better player overall, and when I got into Dropzone, I was an even better player than I had been at 40K. Now, a big part of that is the balance within DzC itself vs the grimdark game, but I also feel like I'm just a better general overall than I was for a long time (and I wasn't bad before!).

    Point being, you may get beaten up a lot by your mates, but you'll be better than even the best schmo from a lot of other metas as a result, considering the quality of players that your mates are. ;-)

    Looking forward to your Invasion After Action Report (and hopefully not being terribly, terribly wrong... Ha!)


  3. Wise words Mr W. You are right, losing to the guys makes me a better player against the non OB players. Sometimes I wish they weren't so blooming good though :-).

  4. It's really good to see the OB team feeling the love for DZC again.

    I hope Invasion went well for you! :)

    1. Hi AD. Yep, we had a really good time and recharged our Zone batteries.