Sunday, 3 April 2016

Unable to Resist the Resistance

One wargamer's struggle of trying to avoid the inevitable and investing in the Drop Zone Commander's favourite low tech faction.

Above: A Lifthawk and it's charges.

Perhaps like any wargamer, my initial decision on whether to purchase a model or new army is how good it looks. This choice can be altered, if on further investigation, when you realise that the army or model doesn't fit with your playing style or is pants in the game. It may of course still end up as a painting project, but sadly, never see a battlefield.

Step forward the Blood Angels Space Marine captain in terminator armour; never shot his Storm Bolter in anger, but very pretty.

When Hawk decided to release the Resistance faction I found myself torn. Some of the models really appealed to me because of their looks (shallow man). These being the Lifthawk, Hannibal, Cyclone and Jackson. The models which struck me with indifference were the wagons and technicals. I could see why they were there, but my boat remained unfloated.

The Kraken did not appeal to me as I didn't consider it the most sensible piece of military equipment in the city war zone? So I was still on the fence about the army design, until I became aware of two other Resistance choices, the Battle Bus and Thunderstorm, and my heart sank. [WARNING: The next couple of paragraphs include some negative thoughts].

I am afraid that when I saw the bus and gigantic hovercraft I had real trouble understanding how these could exist in the DZC universe. Yes the game is science fiction. Yes the fluff does not need to make any sense. But how on earth did the 281 from Hounslow to Tolworth become a frontline transport for soldiers, and with the simple application of some scrap armour plates becomes a 4DP armoured vehicle! (2 more DP than purpose built military vehicles!!). 

And, then we come to the Thunderstorm; the tray you use to carry your army around at tournaments, which then became a model in its own right! It has a bigger foot print than a building. Despite this, like all hovercraft, it has +1 evasion!?! How can this be? Is the ground shaking so much that it disturbs the enemy's shooting? Or maybe they are laughing so much, and as a result, they miss their shot. I suppose they could always camouflage it by painting it to look like a building? And apparently, despite all this, the Resistance High Command believe this is an effective platform for it's battlefield commander to sit in and they also have to deal with the indignity of it being used to transport the crummiest technicals to battle! Sorry. But I don't get it.  

Above: My Victor Meldew moment, 'I don't believe it'

Rant over.

Despite my strong doubts on a couple of models I have taken the plunge. My previous army, the Scourge gave me very little room for error. One little mistake, and I was left with jelly on my face. From my few escalation games, it is clear the Resistance are a very different fish kettle full of fish, and are much more forgiving when the shots come flying in. I am having fun again (just having to turn a blind eye to a couple of things).

Let's see what the future holds for my green and mean fighting machines.

Happy wargaming to you all. 


  1. I really like the way you've painted these. I'm also a Scourge player, also struggling to win (m)any games, although I'm also a pretty rubbish player...

    And as much as I love the background to the Resistance and love some of the models (all of those you mention except for the helicopter, although I also love the wagons / larger technicals), I too am really put off by some of the units that exist and the way they play in the game.

    I don't really care if the army is balanced or not, I'm just annoyed by these ancient, repurposed civlian vehicles being much better than dedicated military ones.

    1. Thank you for your comment on the painting. It is true that currently the Scourge are the most challenging of armies to play. But the faction still has a lot to be pleased with. In a game of movement, they are still head and shoulders above any others. True, they remain paper thin, and others are catching up on the speed issue, so it is a question of choosing the correct moment in the game when to make your move. Hopefully, following the most recent Invasion tournament, Hawk will realise that we are not all Erik from Sweden and direct some love our way. For the time being I will be sticking with the resistance and trying to ignore some of the weirder vehicle options. Thank you for visiting.