Thursday, 21 April 2016

Salute 2016 - Show Report

I can sum up my experience at Salute as follows; A lot of things to see. A lot of things to buy. A lot of people. 

My shopping list featured a Guildball pitch from Steamforged, some more Japanese walls from Sarissa Precision, some Freeriders and an Alexander* from Hawk, and of course, all the other things I might see on the day, which I didn't appreciate at the time, I must have.

*Yes I know, the Alexander is not a good HQ choice over the Thunderstorm, but my issues with the hovering bedstead just don't go away. (I had written a much longer diatribe, but I decided not to put you through it).

An early trip to the Steamforged stand allowed us to purchased the nicely bound season two book. Although, I am very fond of my Fishermen, the Hunters do interest me as a future team.

We took the morning to wander around the vast hall and take in all of the wargaming atmosphere.  (it was so packed that it wasn't until the end of the day that I eventually found the Infernal display table. Well down to John and the team for winning an award for best trader display - even though it did look like a retirement present). 

Above: A quite moment at the Hawk Stand.

Above: Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper? (My Princess Leia moment).

Above: A very smart Mad Max based participation game. 

Above: No prizes for spotting Beasts of War in the background.

And below yet more eye candy:

For the afternoon the nice people at Hawk had very kindly invited OB to play Drop Zone games at their stand. Mike and Ed ran participation games for newbies, and Dan and myself played a 2000 point demonstration game. We happily chatted to anyone who came up to us about the game. 

Above: A crowded deployment zone.

Above: The afternoon shift. Ed and Mike teach, whilst Dan and myself show the watching masses how a game is played.

Above: A Focal Point is the centre of everyone's attention. (Dan secured a 11 to 5 win).

By about 4.00pm the attendees in the room had finally began to disapate. Either their legs or their wallets had finally given up and the huge sways of people had begun to leave. I had a really enjoyable day, met lots of friends, bought a number of things, and had a great giggle with the guys.

Happy wargaming to you all.

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