Saturday, 27 February 2016

Infernal - Tortured Souls and Participation Game

With the Dagger Team models built and painted, my attention turned to the Tortured Souls (TS). As part of the Kickstarter I had opted for Dr Goodall/Black Death, Miss Neith/Spiderbitch and two Husk models. There are additional TS models and I may try and pick up the Kilburn Kraken, at April's Salute. 

Again, like the Dagger Teams and their spindly sniper rifle gun barrel (see earlier post), to achieve realism, some of the TS pieces are very thin. I didn't need to straighten any under the hot tap, but Miss Neith's delicate standing ankle worried me, I had two options, either position her so that her raised foot actually touches the ground, or, build up the base so it looks as if she is stepping up and over an obstacle. I chose the latter option.

As with the Dagger Teams I decided to put the TS figures on scenic bases. It would have been impossible for me to pin some of their thin legs (Miss Neith and the Husks), so I decided a different approach. I cut their basing tabs and filed them down so that they created their own plugs (see below).

With both factions having some delicate parts on their models I decided against keeping them in a foam case, and instead, I have magnetise their bases, and they all live happily together in a biscuit tin (an idea for a reality television programme if I ever saw one).

Above: Day 48 in the Infernal House, and Dr Goodall has complained that someone has left him all the washing-up to do again.

Above: Same reality television programme, but this time at ninety degrees.

On Friday, John, Jon and Al from Wartorn Games hosted a participation game for seven of us. I brought along some terrain over which Dagger Teams and Tortured Souls did their thing. Pictures below.

Happy wargaming to you all.

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