Sunday, 14 February 2016

Infernal Dagger Teams - Model Review

The Kickstarter for these model was back in June. I shall be totally transparent and declare that I had been involved in some play testing for the game, and early on I had scratch built some proxy models for the play testers to use. However, we are now in the happy position to play with real models. 
Dagger Team and Support Weapons

The Dagger Teams are one of two factions released and are very nice resin castings. My only quibble; to achieve some element of realism, the gun barrels, especially that of the tripod mounted sniper rifle, are quite thin. 

The casting I received for the sniper rifle was bent out of shape. Not a problem for resin, I just held it under a hot tap against the bend, until it had straighten out. However, this particular barrel is not going to stand up well to the hurly burly of gaming unless you take particular care. Storage and travel will also need to be carefully done to avoid damage. But this is just a little problem, for what is a nicely posed set of figures. 

Sniper Rifle for shooting at ankles

And after the application of the hot tap
I decided to attach mine to some Micro Arts ruined scenic bases which seemed appropriate for the narrative of the game. If you decide to take this approach, be careful that you do not weaken the ankle joints too much in pinning the models to the bases. There is a drone as a support weapon, and a quick look in the bits box acquired me a flying stand.

The arm, leg and head joints just need a little cleaning up to achieve a clean fit, but nothing you would not expect. I went for the special forces (any colour of uniform you like as long as it is black) look for my figures.

Having now made and painted the figures, I must admit that five of them could easily become a USAriadna Grunt link team.

When I next return to Infernal I will take a look at the Tortured Souls models.

Happy wargaming to you all.

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