Friday, 29 January 2016

Invasion Preparation - This is Now Serious

You will now be familiar with my DZC Scourge army from the OB blog. My final two practice games before Invasion were with two heavy hitters at our club, Joe with his reliable (and usually bike infested) Resistance, and Ed with his stylish Tron PHR. Both games were going to be very hard work if I was get anything from them, but if I want to test myself, these are exactly the games I need to seek out.

Joe's Resistance - Mission - Secure the Flanks 

Joe was playing with some new toys, Scout Bikes. These sneaky little guys don't damage you! The bag their into is reducing the effectiveness of your weapons. For each hit they get they increase your to hit roll by one. Sounds bad, yes? Well just add a 36 inch range, and it becomes stupidly bad. Joe was very concerned over my Reapers. For most of the game, because of the attentions of the Bikers, the Reapers were looking to hit on fives and sixes. I was left with floating road blocks. Drat.

Like a good little Scourge player, I got my Destroyers into the middle building, whilst my Warriors searched for the objective in the building in my table half. Good news, I drew Underground Monorail and joined the middle building to the the objective holding building in Joe's half of the table. This elicited a gulp from Joe. The destroyers are very scary and his troops would struggle to dent them in close combat. 

One unit Destroyers got themselves an Oyster card and took the train to Joe's building for some entertainment. But they were to be disappointed. Joe's troops rolled a five on their search, and left a pile of dirty dishes in the sink in their haste to leave. The Destroyers were most miffed and found a bottle of Fairy Liquid instead.

A short time later my Warriors found their objective, and the focus of the game on the central building. Joe, looked at the other scary unit of Destroyers, who were still searching down the back of the sofa, and decided not to send in his troops, and to paraphrase his decision, "sod this for a game of soldiers",and he brought the building down with the unfound objective, and another unit of unsatisfied Destroyers.

Cyclones are scary and cool. With the Reapers out of commission effectively, I was putting all of my trust in the little Minders to hold back the copters. But weirdly for a couple of moves the Cyclones did nothing. Was this some cunning plan on Joe's part? Did he know something I didn't? Er, no. he just forgot to activate them.

Final couple of turns, and despite my best efforts, I couldn't quite kill the Thunderstorm. And the hovering bedstead captured one focal point, and my Oppressor captured the other. A very entering draw.

Ed's PHR - Mission - Ground Control
My mentor, Mike, warned me before this game, "careful young Alex, for Ed's army is one of speed, highly effective shooting, capable troops". And he added, "It is set up to totally screw you!" Nice, I thought. I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an approaching car.

My initial plan with this report was to give you a brief details on how it went. Let me just say I have never been part of such a one sided game in all my life. Ed's two Medusas got the jump on me and ripped the heart out of my army. It was a blood bath. I tried to focus on killing one of the Medusas, but I only got it down to two wounds. Ed used his Helios perfectly and, as much as it pains me, I have to report that I killed nothing. Not a bloody thing! 

I should of just avoided coming onto the table until quiet late on. At least I would have had the chance to contest the table quarters. As Ed said, the worst scenario against the worst enemy. The perfect storm if you wish. 

However, there was one little crumb of comfort during the evening. Al Pidwell, from Wartorn Games delivered me a box. Intriguing.

Happy wargaming to you all.

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