Friday, 1 January 2016

Constance in Peril - Part 2 - Land Fall

Dawn of War deployment - Maelstrom Missions - The table featured a central landing pad which included an unmanned Aegis Defence Line and Quad Gun.

(I suggest, if you haven't already, you read part one first before reading this): 
After the poor Grey Knight showing on Motspire the Ultramarines were given the task of securing landing facilities on Constance itself. They chose an industrial site outside of the national capital for their drop pod assault. The facility was guarded by a selection of Nurgle forces, lead by the Daemon Prince encountered on Motspire, with his new wings and fresh hatred of Imperials.

Despite the minus one on reserve rolls the first two drop pods arrived on time. The assault began with the arrival of the Centurions and Tigerious who eyed up the Obliterators and the Daemon Prince as their first victims. The second drop pod contained tactical marines and they considered the Vindicator as worthy of their attention. 

With the risk of sounding like Rimmer in his recollection of Risk, David's first dice rolls were as follows; 6 to hit a Land Raider with a Multi-meta (it was a snap shot due to the disembark out of the drop pod), two 6s to penetrate (he was within 12 inches for the melta rule), and a 6 to blow the vehicle sky high. Not too shabby. The Centurions, with an appropriate psychic buff and combat tactic, killed two of the Obliterators, and due to their split fire ability, the Daemon Prince, who had mistakenly not flown so that he could capture an objective in his turn one.

Turn two for the Daemons brought the possibility of reserves. The Heldrake obliged but the two Blight Drones didn't receive their invite. The Ultra's luck held when the scary AP3 Heldrake weapon could only kill two of the five Marines that it hit. And despite picking a fairly rich target environment, the first orbital bombardment scattered harmlessly away from Calgar and his posse.

The Imperial forces now began to take control of their surroundings. Two units of Cultists disappeared to very precise shooting and the Plague Marines, who had spilled out of the Land Raider wreckage, were removed in one round of combat with the Termies. The Blight Drones again refused to appear, the second and final, orbital bombardment scattered away again without any Marine loss, and due to a previous jink, the Heldrake was unable to use its feared weapon in its subsequent shooting phase. Only the remaining Obliterator seemed to be doing his job and destroyed the remains of the burnt combat squad in combat.

The following turns were an opportunity for the the Ultras to score more points and the Chaos forces to wonder why things had gone so wrong. 
It is true that Lady Luck was very much with the Ultras in this game. Their massed shooting, improved with combat tactics and Prescience Powers were just too much for Nurgle. Only 14 guys in blue fell, to the almost total destruction of the enemy force. The final points score was 20 to 4.

We made some rolls to see if any of the casualties on both sides would be effected for the next game. Apart from the permanent loss of four marines the Imperials were unscathed. The Chaos forces however, will require quite a bit of patching up. The effects of this, and the massive victory, will be factored in to the next instalment. 
With such a conclusive victory the Ultramarines will now make their way to the capital and the seat of the government and their underground headquarters. Perhaps answers to the Governor's reluctance to assist with the Imperial mission can be found, and further investigations on what is it that the Chaos forces are up to? Stay tuned.
Happy wargaming and all the best for the New Year.

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