Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mayhem 2015 - A one day 1500 point 40K tournament

Mayhem is one of two 40K tournaments run by my club each year. It is a 1500 point competition with three 2 hour 30 minute games taking place over on day. The turn out was lower than usual due to  difficulties in securing the venue, but the 16 or so competitors made for a relaxed and good natured event. It was nice to be able to get to talk to a great many friends and discuss armies and the hobby in general.

Above: The days competitors begin to prepare for a days gaming.

HQ Chapter Master – WARLORD [130]Artificer armour [20], Chapter Relic  The Gorgon’s Chain [45], Thunder Hammer [30].

TROOPS Space Marine Tactical Squad [70], 5 additional Space Marines [70], Veteran Sergeant [10], Sgt. Power Sword [15], Sgt. Melta Bombs [5], Melta Gun [10], Las Cannon [20], Dedicated Transport – Razorback [55], Twin-linked Lascannon [20]Dozer Blade [5]

TROOPS Space Marine Tactical Squad [70], 5 additional Space Marines [70], Veteran Sergeant [10], Sgt. Power Fist [25], Melta Gun [10], Missile Launcher [15], Dedicated Transport – Rhino [35], Dozer Blade [5]

TROOPS Space Marine Scouts (Boltguns) [55], Veteran Sergeant [10], Land Speeder Storm [45], Assault Cannon [20]

TROOPS Space Marine Scouts (Boltguns) [55], Veteran Sergeant [10], Land Speeder Storm [45], Heavy Flamer [free]

TROOPS Space Marine Scouts (Boltguns) [55], Veteran Sergeant [10], Land Speeder Storm [45], Heavy Bolter [free]

ELITES Sternguard Veteran Squad [120], x2 Melta Guns [20], x3 Combi-Meltas [30], Drop Pod [35].

HEAVY SUPPORT Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine [100]
HEAVY SUPPORT Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine [100]

Above: My army in all its.........yellowness.

My force was my Iron Hand Space Marine army. I had made a couple of changes since its last outing.  I lost the bikes, the Chapter Master joined a Sternguard unit in a drop pod and I added another Thunderfire Cannon and scout unit in a Land Speeder Storm. This gave a huge number of objective secured units and these were my star performers during the day.

Above: The Farsight bomb, bombing it down the table towards me....gulp!

Game one paired me off against James French (Working Weirdboys) and his Tau army featuring the Farsighted Bomb, Ripetide, two Skyrays and various Kroot units. James is a very capable Tournament player. The first game was Hammer and Anvil set up with 6 objectives. Early doors it became clear that the F-Bomb was something to be very scared of. It crossed the table at break neck speed removing anything in its path. My Chapter Master and his Sternguard couldn't deal with the jink saves of the Skyrays, although the Riptide also wasn't having a good day and soon the number of failed saves lead to its doom. Despite James' dice being below par he was able to get a comfortable win, eleven points to one.

Game two was against Pete Corps and his Blood Angels list of small elite units and very few troops. The set up was Vanguard Strike and a mighty six objectives didn't help Pete in his attempts to secure victory. My Land Speeder Storm with the Assault Cannon arrived in timely fashion to destroy the Vindicator via its weak rear armour. Mephiston commanded the Blood Angels and caused the death of my Chapter Master early on, but fortunately, three psychic mishaps, and an inability to pass leadership tests lead to his early exit from the game also. Pete's Land Raider, The late arriving Stormraven, Dreadnought, Terminators and Librarian tried their best to reduce my larger numbers but by the end I still held 4 of the 5 objectives. So an 11 to 1 victory points was my winning margin.

Above: Blood Angel guns line up on the recently arrive Chapter Master. However, Mephiston took the responsibility to bring the Iron Hand low.

Game three was against James Boyd's Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marine allies. This looked like a scary army, with a Daemon Prince, two Soul Grinders and a Defiler. James is one of those players I always seem to play at tournaments and this game was a real giggle. For the first time all three of my reserve units arrived on turn two and their additional firepower begun to whittle away at the Space Marine Troops. All my units starred in this game. With obscene luck with my Chapter Master's saving throws he eventually beat a Soul Grinder in close combat.  He then took on a second Soul Grinder and despatched it before the demonic construct had a chance to breathe. One of the Thunderfires then decided their time had come and with 16 hits caused 16 wounds and a unit of 20 Daemonettes lost 12 figures (ouch!). A second Daemonette unit fell foul of massed bolter fire. And before we knew it only the Daemon Prince remained in James' army. Without paying him any respect a Land Speeder Storm Heavy Bolter removed its last remaining wound, and I had gained only my third ever 40K tabling, and another 11 points to one victory.

Above: The Daemon Prince entertains a full squad of Space Marines. The Marines were also Enfeebled at this point. 

Three games played, and two wins and one loss, counts as one of my best performances in a tournament setting. This was even sweeter as my only loss to James French was to the eventual winner of the day.   After the awards were given out I sneaked a look at the final scores and it appeared I had come joint fifth, easily my best tourney so far.

Above: The place on the table where the first unit of Daemonetts were (sorry James B.).

Today I attended the Critical Engagement one day Drop Zone Commander tournament. I would need to have an exception three games to do any better than Saturday. Happy wargaming.

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