Saturday, 23 May 2015

Game Reports - Infinity and Zone Mortalis

Game one - Infinity 300 points game. My Ariadna against Nathan's Panoceania. We played the Supremacy game from the rule book - 4 quadrants, each with a console.

This was to be my last Infinity practice game before the Birmingham tournament at the end of May. I tried a few things out, some went well (Veteran Kazak Lieutenant with Heavy Machine Gun), others did not, I remember the Traktor Mul as being a much more effective piece of kit under the old rules - one template per shot, down from three under the old rules (boo hoo).

We played the game to the ITS restriction of three turns. Nathan's army outnumbered my troops and his link team (above) was a very dangerous group (my heavily armoured Mormaer decided to risk an ARO - Oops). Despite the impression given in the picture above the linked team's attached medic was very effective at reviving injured colleagues. However, they remained quite cautious and before we knew it turn three was upon us, and although we had hacked two consoles each, I managed to get forward enough to score three quadrants to one. I have subsequently made a huge number of changes to my lists, and to Nathan I am very grateful.

Game two - 1850 point Zone Mortalis and Maelstrom objectives. Dave R and his Grey Knight Terminators vs my Iron Hands. I knew that the Terminators we're going to be a tough nut to crack and had attempted to strengthen my army's punch by adding two units of Centurions (grav-cannons and las-cannons) and a unit of Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield armed Terminators of my own.

Instead of investing in two metric tonnes of Forgeworld Resin I had created my own 6 foot by 4 foot space hulk table. Before the game began things took a turn for the worse, Dave rolled Invisability as a psychic power. And did I mention the large number of psychic dice a Grey Knight army can generate; it's a few (see below).

Notable points of the game; in turn two my shooting was abysmal, mainly due to the dust clouds which enveloped everything due to the Zone Mortalis events table for that turn. If I could see Draigo's face through the dust it would have had a very broad smile.  As a result I scored more successes in over-watch than normal shooting.  My Grav-Cannon Centurions got too close to a unit of Termies and fell foul of their close combat attacks. My  Chapter Master, usually on his bike, suffered due to  the reduction in his toughness, and the ever smiling Draigo's finally laid him low. Although my Terminators were better armed than their opponents, their opponents were buffed by Invisability,  and it turned into a slow inevitable  defeat. The Maelstrom cards I drew were  not kind and avoided the objectives in my half of the table, and by games end, I had lost 19 points  to 2. Lesson learnt - terminators are very good on space hulks - Who knew?

Grey Knight Terminators burst through to do what they do best.

My Chapter Master is cornered.

Happy gaming

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