Sunday, 12 March 2017

Saturday afternoon is alright for fighting

Club nights too short? Simple run a Saturday afternoon club from 12 till 6. Eleven harden souls paid a few extra coins than the usual Friday night club entry fee to enjoy a range of the finest gaming available......oh....and we flicked some penguins around in a cardboard box. Just to clarify, the penguins were in the box, not us. (Before you go and report us to the RSPB, just Google the boardgame Ice Cool, produced by Brain Games).

Above: Ice Cool. Our first game. An ice-breaker if you will (no penguins were harmed in the taking of this picture).

Above: Dan and Mike about to begin a game of Guild Ball. (I realise, that as a reader of my blog, you have yet to see either of them both in a picture with 'normal' faces. Just be aware, neither of them have 'normal' faces. Perhaps it's a beard thing?). I particularly like Nathan's expression in back of picture - it reminds me of a despairing parent wishing that his children could, for once, stop messing about).

Nathan and Dave C played Infinity over the afternoon. I brought along and set up two of my boards, which have featured in our recent Infinity intro evenings. Here are pictures to best show  them off. Enjoy.

Above: Nathan and Dave get down to business.

Above: A small (ironically), and perfectly formed, 40K Killteam tournament with four participants. 

Above: Joe counting coins from the club's refreshments donations jar. Not quite enough for afternoon tea at the Ritz. Perhaps enough for a box of Ritz crackers instead?

So onto the main event of the afternoon for the OB Boys, a new board game called Scythe. Fresh from its Kickstarter where our resident Bearded Board Gamer, Dan, invested in what Tabletop Gaming called 'a perfect combination of style and substance'. Personally, I have never played a game that had so many counters, tokens, cards and markers (520 all told). Taking them out of their baggies seemed to be logistical challenge before we even started the game. To misquote a famous movie quote, 'We are going to need a bigger table'. Fortunately, with Dan's adept teaching style, all five of us* picked it up pretty quick, and had a jolly good time, as the following pictures will testify.

*normally, I need at least three games of a new game before the rules begin to sink in. Let's not dwell on how well I did, but focus instead on the all important podium, where Dan pipped Mike to the victory by one solitary point. I think Joe came third and Ed fourth. 

Above: Dan reading stuff out. Ed paying full attention. 

Above: Dan's extra moustache is a chewy sweet! (The answer to your next question is - I have no idea). 

Above: Nathan and Dave move onto the Spaceship Infinity table.

Above: Joe doing complex Scythe stuff.

All those who went long for the afternoon enjoyed themselves. It would have been nice to have seen a few more clubbers pop in, but considering that the weather had been very good, I can understand topping up on the vitamin D was also an attractive proposition.

As usual, keep rolling close to, or above, your target numbers.



  1. What did you think of Scythe? Would you play it again? Is the sort of game you like to play?

    1. I thought Scythe was excellent - definitely would play again.

    2. It was a very good game. There is a great deal going on, but turns are very quick, so your next go comes around before you know it.

  2. was an awesome days gaming and i am hoping Bryan and the Club Admin can arrange another Saturday soon... maybe one every 3 weeks or so later on... who knows... the Saturday meetups need more traction as we would want more numbers... but its a great idea and i hope it happens again... :]

    1. Hi Kannan. Thanks for the visit. It is a good idea, but a few more attendees would help increase the number of games available. I would certainly go along if run again.