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Recent 40K and Bushido Games

Bushido - My Silver Moon Syndicate vs Mike B and his Ito Clan - Fifty rice points
The mission was The Messenger, where you nominate in secret a Very Important Model (VIM) which receives points for being alive, and in your opponent's deployment zone, at the end of the game.

My fifty rice point army consisted of:
- Sukuratchi (animal handler) 5 points
- Okkete San (chicken) 2 points
- Wakasu Akuma (stoat like animal) 1 point
- Sukoshi Kani (the scout) 3 points
- Fitiaumua (sumo wrestler) 9 points
- Dr Zo (manipulator of Chi) 6 points
- Saki (outrageous flirt) 7 points
- Golden Sentinel (mercenary) 8 points
- Kyoaku-Han (crossbow man) 5 points
- Kyoaku-Han (street fighter) 4 points

I chose Dr Zo as my VIM model as I didn't feel that my tougher models were tough enough to survive until the end of the game, and I knew they would all be in the thick of the action throughout. 
Much to the surprise of Mike, and the disappointment of me, the Golden Sentinel went down to the very first shooting attack he suffered. He has lists of tricks up his sleeve but only six wounds, and a series of good dice from Mike was all it took (doh!).

Mike was braver with his VIM and gave the role to one his close combat specialists who was up front, but this paid off when he got him to my deployment zone. Dr Zo held back, but unfortunately, when he made his break for Mike's DZ he left it a little too late and was cut down. Victory to Mike, although one of the funnier moments was when, as usual, Mike was deciding which of my models was to feel the effects of poison. He chose the little Wakasu Akuma, little knowing that the little stoat like animal is immune to poison (cue Nelson Muntz "ha ha").

Bushido revisited - My Silver Moon Syndicate vs Ed and his Prefecture of Ryu - Fifty rice points
We played The Idols scenario on Ed's new frozen lake table and the mission was with three statues down the centre line which requires you turn the statues to face your side of the table and points are gained on turns two, four and six.

With only three hours playing time on club nights, and the fact that we are still learning the game, we only managed four turns. Ed's army is able to get back wounds (very annoying) and has a figure, Hanso, which he can command and two other Asigaru in a single activation. Very good for out numbering and exhausting your opponent quickly. Our game ended in a draw, but I am learning that the activation of your models is key to getting the best from them, and that, the armour piercing cross bow bolts can be real nasty. 

40K Maelstrom - Dawn of War - My Iron Hands vs Dave G and his Slaughterkin
We both used our Woking Weirdboys 1500 point lists. I had to get off to a quick start as I knew that once the game got going Dave's army starts to rack up the blood points and is much stronger end game. Things looked good initially as by turn two I was six points to two ahead. Unfortunately, for me, we had a pivotal moment when my Imperial Knight, three inches away from the Blood Thirster, rolled a double one for the charge! In Dave's next turn his Chaos Space Marine Bikers with melta guns stripped most of the Knight's hull points, and although the Knight did a good number of wounds to the Blood Thirster, he fell in the subsequent combat. The Blood Thirster then went onto take out my Chapter Master and the Sacarian tank and Khorne award him the MVD (Most Valuable Daemon) award. The maelstrom points by turn four were still level pegging, but an insufficient run move to an objective by scouts (rolled a two, needed a three, sigh!), and the continual arrival of new daemon packs due to the blood points, meant that my meagre forces were all but destroyed. Another fun game with Dave. 

40K - Emperor's Will - Hammer and Anvil - My Iron Hands vs David P and his Necrons
David's army features a strong close combat element and three flyers. I bravely gave David first turn with the hope that enough of my scouts and Land Speeder Storms (LSS) would left at the end of the game to claim some of the four objectives. My usual approach is for my bikes and the Chapter Master to go after the biggest threat, in this case the Wraiths. The 'heavies', Sacarian, Thunderfire and Imperial Knight provide covering fire, and the scouts and LSSs support where necessary, but also try to stay out of trouble long enough to hopefully take part in the end game.

Our armies spent turn one covering the long distance between us and I managed to fell a Wraith. All three of the Night Scythes came on in turn two and took out the Thunderfire Cannon leaving the Techmarine to sit in his bolstered ruin for the remainder of the game reading his Haynes manuals. The Sacarian brought down one of the flying crossaints (the twin-linked turret guns ignoring jink saves are very good at this) and two well placed shots from the Knight's Auto-cannon removed the 10 recently disembarked Warriors in one shot!
The Wraiths and the bikes had by now reached each other and began what was to be seven rounds of fisticuffs. One of the LSS was brought down by a unit of warriors who engaged the scouts in melee. Not something that they take to well, but at least they couldn't be targeted by the Knight whilst in combat.
The Knight and the other scouts and speeders took on the third unit of Warriors, who despite their armour and re animation protocols (+4 in the detachment being used) were destroyed.
Bottom of turn five arrived and I had to make some hard decisions, and needed some luck, to win the game. David had two objectives to my one. A LSS made a dart across the table in the hope of avoiding fire from the Immortals and to contest an objective being held by Scarabs. Luckily the incoming shots failed (squeaky bum time) and a turbo-boost move got me to the objective. Now, the second part of the plan, not to have a turn six! A roll of two granted me the wish.
We both held one objective and contested another. However, I had first blood and line breaker thanks to the turbo-boosting Storm, which gave me a narrow win. 
Thanks go to David for the game. In the early turns the Necron's lack of long range fire power was of great benefit to me and the blinding effect of the LSS's rocket launcher did a lot to blunt the Wraith's early attacks against my bikes. Lesson learnt - Necrons do not like initiative tests.
Happy wargaming. 

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