Saturday, 14 November 2015

Totally Crit Open Four - Day Two of an Infinity Tournament

I started day two in mid table with the hope of gaining a few more points, if not victories.

Game Four - Annihilation - Ben 
Great news, I get to play on the table with my terrain, including my new Micro Art Studio Battlemat. Ben and I had played before at the Birmingham EXPO. In our game today it was was notable by the number of critical hits by both sides (by the end of turn three there was only one model on the table in an unconscious state). Also, we both had the habit of losing figures in our own turns. In turns 2 and 3 I only lost models, and didn't cause any wounds at all! I conceded the game at the bottom of turn three with six orders still left! Not a usual thing to do, but I had almost given up one order before and decided to shot my Chasseur, he was hit once in ARO from a double action weapon which killed him, so my army decided to just walk away early. A five points to one loss was the final score and and I had lost 227 to his 107. Ben had got his vengeance for the Birmingham game when I had won. well played Ben.
Lessons learnt - if your opponent has a remote with a heavy flamer, don't line you guys up so that he cover them all with a template!!! I should appreciate that the Dog Warriors, in dog form, can dodge on a 16, and therefore, have a very good chance of avoiding incoming fire.

Game Five - Cold Sleep - Ben (again, but with the second of his two lists) 
Scores for the top eight were very close at this stage, all of them were within a win of the top spot. Therefore, Chris had to be very strict with the pairings, and Ben and myself played for a second time. If I thought I had had bad luck earlier with failed WIP roles, I had nothing on poor Ben in this game. Seven failed roles in Ben's first turn (yuck!!). Despite this, I had to work very hard to clear Ben's backfield of console covering troops. The worst of these for me was the Sin Eater who shoots four times in the ARO (Ouch!). However, my MVP was a Dog Warrior (Most Valuable Pooch) who final laid low the accursed Sin Eater.
The result of this was a seven to two win, thus giving me the two victories I challenged myself to get before the weekend.

Game Six - Seize the Antenna - Matt (again, with the same list as before). 
I thought that I might get some payback for my round two loss. I was wrong. Matt's link team got its revenge from being killed by a Dog Warrior, and not only killed both dogs in my opening turn of this game, but they then went on to take control of two of the consoles at the bottom of turn three, which gave Matt a ten to zero win. Some elementary mistakes by me, some good play from Matt and his sniper model which kept healing himself were my downfall.

Lesson learnt from the weekend - I need so much more practice to learn the subtleties of the rules. I need to have a some understanding of other people's forces. I need not to lose sight of the objectives. And, a little crib sheet of what I should do in some predictable situations will help me to avoid simple errors. When someone shoots at the dog warriors, react with a dodge smoke which will give you a +3 to the dodge roll if you place the template within 8 inches.
James, from the Totally Crit Crew won a very close event. I finished with 20 points (from a possible 60), and I came eleventh from 12 competitors, which considering the strength of the field (I understand that it included six of the top players in England), I was very content with. I received some goodies from the prize pool despite my lowly finish, but the thing I was very happy with was the chance to immerse myself in the game, experience a wide range of armies and meet a load of nice people with the hope of doing this again really soon. 

Huge thanks to Chris for running an excellent event and all those taking part.

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